Fertile Ground is the 15th episode of Season 10 on FOX drama soap Beverly Hills, 90210.


MATT DEALS WITH A DIFFICULT REQUEST FROM HIS BROTHER AND THE SANDERS' NANNY IS NOT AS INNOCENT AS SHE SEEMS – Kelly and Matt's relationship is strained when Matt's brother asks him for a very personal favor. Noah and Dylan are put at odds now that Dylan has turned in Noah's drug-using friends. Meanwhile, Steve and Janet learn that their nanny is not as innocent as they once thought and Steve realizes that she might even be a woman from his past.

Plot Edit

Matt's brother and sister-in-law come to town and reveal that they cannot conceive a child on their own. They ask Matt to be their surrogate father. Kelly objects and orders Matt to turn them down, then becomes angry upon learning that he told his brother that he had to bow to her wishes. She later realizes that not everything is about her and gives Matt her blessing. Gina, with Dylan's help, gets a shot at another television job. The man will not hire her unless she helps his teenage son lose weight before the school dance. Gina loses the job after she encourages the boy to stand up to his overbearing father.

She convinces the man to treat his son with respect by detailing the way that her pushy mother shaped her life. Gina escorts Michael to the dance, where Dylan surprises her by showing up to give her the prom she never had. Donna dates the clothing buyer for a chain of stores. He buys a bunch of her designs, but Donna nixes a relationship because they have nothing in common. She becomes jealous when David gets involved with Camille Desmond, the editor of a fashion magazine. Steve confesses his past fling with Darby to Janet, who fires the woman. Steve suffers a bruised ego because Darby doesn't remember the encounter. Josie fears for her life because she had to flush $90,000 worth of merchandise; she insists that the other dealer will kill her. Josie asks Noah to lobby Dylan on her behalf. He refuses to help. Josie's brother Shane and another man kidnap Noah at gunpoint, as they assume that someone would actually pay to get him back.


Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders
Brian Austin Green as David Silver
Tori Spelling as Donna Martin
Vincent Young as Noah Hunter
Vanessa Marcil as Gina Kincaid
Lindsay Price as Janet Sosna
Daniel Cosgrove as Matt Durning
Joe E. Tata as Nat Bussichio
special guest star
Luke Perry as Dylan McKay

Recurring cast

Josie Davis as Camille Desmond

Guest starring

Walker Brandt as Juliane Durning
Freeman Michaels as Patrick Durning
Jill Bennett as Darby Shahan
Sydney Penny as Josie Oliver
Jesse Hoffman as Shane Oliver
Ashley Tisdale as Nicole Loomis

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