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Felix, played by Coleby Lombardo, was a character seen on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the continuity, appearing in the Season 2 episode Play It Again, David.

He was enrolled in a big brother program in the Valley Youth Center. He was raised by a single mother named Suzanne. Andrea Zuckerman talked Brandon Walsh into temporarily taking over in the big brother program while they found a suitable match.

At first, he gave Brandon an attitude and showed little compassion for others. He is an avid skater and very skilled on roller blades, challenging Brandon to keep up with him. While Brandon was annoyed at his behavior at first, Felix eventually warmed up to him and came to help him work at The Beverly Hills Beach Club and even helped Cindy Walsh make some French Fries at the Walsh Family House.

He began lying to his mom and became attached to Brandon by showing up at his work, annoying Brandon's boss, Henry Thomas. When Felix didn't show up for their day together, Brandon found him at his home with a black eye and bruises on his back, citing that his mom was abusing him.

Brandon confronted Suzanne, who broke down and agreed to get help with her problems. Felix was last seen being visited by Brandon at his temporary home until his mother got better.

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