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Eric, played by Jonathan Pekar, and Duane, played by Steve Messina, were characters seen on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. They appeared in the season one episode, The Green Room.

Eric and Duane are surfers who hang out with Sarah and Dylan McKay and ride waves with them. They mostly belittle Sarah and gave her the name of "Surfer Betty" because they didn't take her seriously. They also act possessive of her, citing that she only goes where they go, thereby inviting themselves along with Sarah, Dylan, and Brandon Walsh back to Dylan's hotel room.

Later, they leave a drunken Sarah on the beach, which opens the window for her to have a surfing accident and almost drown. After Brandon saves her life, he confronts Eric and Duane, getting into a fist fight with them. Dylan comes to his rescue and helps ward them off before Brandon informs everyone of Sarah's hospital stay. After Brandon leaves, Dylan stomps their surfboard and breaks it in half. They are not seen again for the rest of the series. It appears that Sarah stopped spending time with them as there is no mention of them when she returns in season 2.

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