Season 1

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# Image Title Airdate
01 Season1Main Class of Beverly Hills October 4, 1990
The Walsh Family moves to Beverly Hills, where the twins, Brenda and Brandon, meet new friends during their first week at West Beverly High School; Brandon falls for the most popular girl in the school while Brenda pretends to be a college student to romance a young lawyer.
02 102 The Green Room October 11, 1990
Brandon meets and befriends surfer Dylan McKay, a mysterious loner who lives in a fancy hotel suite and hangs out at the beach with his surfer friends that include teenage alcoholic Betty, whose real name is Sarah. Meanwhile, Brenda feels she's living in poverty when she gets to know Kelly, and her insecure friend Donna Martin. Steve tries to hang out with David after mistakenly thinking that David's father is a wealthy TV show producer. Also, Andrea asks Brandon to write an article about being new in Beverly Hills.
03 103bren Every Dream Has Its Price (Tag) October 18, 1990
Brandon gets a job at a fancy restaurant where he soon discovers that the owner is exploiting him with low wages. Brandon eventually quits and goes to work for a more reasonable boss at the Peach Pit Diner. Meanwhile, Brenda's new friend, Tiffany Morgan, has a problem with shoplifting and when she's caught, she implicates Brenda with her. Also, Cindy doesn't find homemaking any easier after hiring a maid, named Anna.
04 104 The First Time October 25, 1990
Brandon finds mixed blessings when Sheryl, his former girlfriend from Minnesota, comes for a visit, and who falls victim to the fast nightlife of the city. Meanwhile, Brenda develops a crush on her math teacher which affects her even more when she's asked to baby-sit for his two wild children for the evening in which Brenda asks Kelly and Donna to tag along with her.
05 OneonOne One On One November 1, 1990
Brenda botches her third try to get her drivers license, but she goes out anyway to rescue Kelly from a bad date, and in the process, loses Brandon's car. Meanwhile, Brandon decides to try out for the school's basketball team where he suspects that some students are brought into the school from out of district for the sole purpose of winning games and he asks Andrea to look into it.
06 106hair Higher Education November 15, 1990
Close to failing history, Brandon (at Steve's persuasion) resorts to cheating from a copied term paper, which leads him to debate honesty vs. an unfair teacher, as well as his friendship with Andrea when she catches him cheating. Meanwhile, Brenda and Kelly both have the hots for Dylan, so Brenda tries dying her hair after he states his preference for blonds. But she comes out with ugly orange streaks.
07 107kiss Perfect Mom November 22, 1990
Brenda becomes fascinated by Kelly's hip mother Jackie. But Brenda is unaware about Mrs. Taylor's alcoholism and drug use which makes life hard for Kelly. It's not until at a West Beverly High Mother/Daughter beauty pageant that Brenda finds the truth which gives her a renewed appreciation for her own mother. Andrea blossoms at the pageant while writing an article about it. Also, Jim becomes hooked on playing his new electronic keyboard and singing old songs.
08 108 The 17 Year Itch November 29, 1990
While Jim and Cindy celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary, Cindy finds herself attracted to photographer Glen, her old college boyfriend and matchmaker, which resurrects old jealousies from Jim. Meanwhile, Brenda and Brandon participate in a study on twins in America. Also, David is determined to become the new DJ on West Beverly High's radio station and after the dim-witted Scott blows his spot, Donna overplays her part, and Steve gets stage fright.
09 109brendrea The Gentle Art of Listening December 6, 1990
Brenda finds herself in a crisis when she gets to know an unseen student date-rape victim from Andrea's volunteer help line. Meanwhile, Brandon gets tempted by an older woman, named Nina, who specializes in health massage solutions.
10 110 Isn't It Romantic? January 3, 1991
When Brenda finds herself falling in love with Dylan, it results in Brandon's wariness and Jim strongly opposed to it due to Dylan's lifestyle and his father who gets indicted for corporate financial fraud. Meanwhile, Steve meets a girl who will be speaking at an AIDS seminar at school which leads everyone into discussing condoms.
11 111 B.Y.O.B. January 10, 1991
Cindy and Jim get an interesting proposition from an eccentric, swinging couple while spending a weekend together in Palm Springs. With their parents away, the twins throw a party in their house and Brandon falls victim to the West Beverly High party scene when he ends up drinking a few too many tequila's, gets into a car accident, and is arrested for drunk driving.
12 112 One Man and a Baby January 24, 1991
Brandon learns some pitfalls of parenthood when he starts dating Melissa, a senior girl who has a six-month-old baby. Meanwhile, Brenda and Kelly win free skydiving lessons on a radio call-in show. After a few days of skydiving practice, they decide to set aside their fears of falling and take the plunge, literally.
13 Slumbercute Slumber Party January 31, 1991
Brenda throws a slumber party and invites Kelly, Donna and Andrea over for the night. But the evening turns sour when Kelly's bad girlfriend, Amanda Pacer, crashes the party and plays a game which brings out secrets that threaten the friendships between all of them. Meanwhile, Brandon and Steve go out together for a night of cruising and club hopping in which they end up getting duped by two girls that steal Steve's car.
14 114 East Side Story February 14, 1991
The Walshes allow a young Latino girl named Karla Montez, (their maid Anna's niece) to use their address so she can attend West Beverly High School. Brandon becomes intrigued with Karla, but he suspects that she's hiding something due to her wariness and a strange man following her around. Later, when Jim arranges a party for one of his clients, Brandon causes a scene when he finds Karla at the party serving drinks and thinks she's being used as cheap labor.
15 115david A Fling in Palm Springs February 21, 1991
During Presidents' Weekend, the gang goes to Palm Springs, where Dylan and Brenda plan to meet at a hotel for some time alone. But Brenda forgets the name of the hotel where she's supposed to meet Dylan. Meanwhile, David, wanting to fit in with the gang, ditches Scott and their trip to Magic Mountain to take Steve, Kelly and Donna to his grandparents' house, which is supposed to be empty. And Brandon stays home to help Nat at the Peach Pit, and discovers a secret that an apparently sarcastic boy named Curtis has been hiding.
16 116brenda Fame Is Where You Find It February 28, 1991
A right look at the right time and in the right place in a local park gets Brandon a role on a TV series and he gets to work with the teenage lead actress Lydia Leeds, while becoming an instant celebrity at school. But Brandon learns that Lydia may only be using him to get back at her own boyfriend and co-star on the show. Meanwhile, Brenda becomes another celebrity when she plays the role of singing waitress Laverne while covering for Brandon at his job at the Peach Pit.
17 117 Stand (Up) and Deliver March 7, 1991
Brenda, tired to being treated like a teen, moves out on her own into a single apartment owned by a hippie stand-up comedienne. Meanwhile, Brandon runs for junior class president against his local competition, Michael, in which Brandon he is faced with two running tactics offered by Kelly and Andrea.
18 118kiss It's Only a Test March 7, 1991
Brenda is filled with horror when she discovers a lump in her breast, which calls for a biopsy. Meanwhile, the upcoming SATs put extra pressure on everyone, especially Andrea and Steve during a study night together when an intimate moment happens between them.
19 119 April Is The Cruelest Month April 11, 1991
As Brandon interviews Roger Azarian, the school's tennis star, he discovers that Roger's golden-boy appearance hides deeper demons. When the gang gets their SAT scores back, Donna becomes deflated by her low SAT score, which reveals her learning disability.
20 120brenda Spring Training April 25, 1991
Brandon gets more than he bargained for when he and Steve volunteer to coach a Little League baseball team made up of spoiled little kids with smart mouths who are playing Peach Pit owner Nat's misfit team. Meanwhile, Jim (recovering from a back injury) howls at Brenda's request to keep a stray dog.
21 121andrea Spring Dance May 2, 1991
Everyone scrambles to get dates for the big annual spring dance. Kelly asks Brandon to the dance, offending Steve who has nobody while Andrea ponders whether or not to go to the dance. At the dance, Brenda and Dylan become more intimate and end up sleeping together for the first time, and David shows off his cool dancing. Also, Steve reveals to Brandon that it is his birthday but does not feel cheerful at all because his mother recently told him that he is adopted.
22 122andrea Home Again May 9, 1991
The Walshes excitement over Jim's promotion is short lived when he reveals that it means moving back to Minnesota. Steve gets upset with Brandon over him leaving as well as other problems. Meanwhile, Andrea offers herself to Brandon as a goodbye present, while Brenda faces the thought of moving away from Dylan.

Season 2

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# Image Title Airdate
01 201 Beach Blanket Brandon July 11, 1991
After a home pregnancy test is inconclusive, Dylan and Kelly take Brenda to a gynecologist. Hoping to earn extra cash during the Peach Pit's summer lull, Brandon tries out for lifeguard at the Beverly Hills Beach Club. Brenda, Donna, Andrea and David enroll in a summer school acting class tought by Chris Suiter.
02 Brandonsteve The Party Fish July 17, 1991
Brandon befriends Jerry Rattinger, an influential sports promoter and member of the beach club. At the same time, he looks to romance Sandy, a beleaguered co-worker who is many years his senior. Jerry wishes to hire Brandon as his gopher and loan him money for a new car. As an acting class assignment, Brenda tries to recreate the experience of being lost in a mall as a child.
03 120px Summer Storm July 25, 1991
Dylan's father Jack McKay, is taken into custody, and all his assets are frozen. Dylan refuses to spend the summer in Hawaii with his flaky mother Iris. He is injured in a surfing accident, and Cindy agrees to take care of him during his recovery. Kelly gets a date with an attractive classmate Kyle Conners, but is stung when he won't make a move on her. Donna and David must perform a scene from Romeo and Juliet for their acting class.
04 204 Anaconda August 1, 1991
Jim encourages Dylan to get in touch with his mother, but Dylan is too proud to ask her for financial help. Brandon, David, Steve and some friends hold an after-hours poker game at the beach club. Dylan joins them and is furious when he loses a lot of money. Brenda suffers a severe sunburn when she falls asleep while trying to get a tan.
05 205 Play It Again, David August 8, 1991
Jackie breaks her tooth during lunch at the beach club, but a nearby dentist comes to her rescue. He asks her out and reveals that he is Mel Silver... David's father. Andrea goads Brandon into spending time with a fatherless boy from the youth center. Brandon develops a friendship with a boy named Felix. Brenda cannot stop thinking about Dylan while he is away in Hawaii.
06 120px Pass, Not Pass August 15, 1991
Brenda's acting teacher, Chris, asks her to perform a scene with Andrea to bring the insecure girl out of her shell. Brenda admits her crush on Chris to Andrea, who soon develops her own interest in him. Brandon refuses Jim's help as he purchases his dream car. He ends up blowing all of his summer earnings on a lemon. Kelly and Steve lament the imminent end of summer vacation.
07 207 Camping Trip August 29, 1991
The gang takes off with plans to spend the weekend camping at Yosemite Park. A sudden monsoon forces the teens to seek refuge in a cramped one-bedroom cabin. The honeymooning couple in the next cabin, Allison and Neil, supplies the kids with food and firewood, but get into a huge argument. The gang tries to provide counsel, and learns that the husband wanted to wait before starting a family, but the wife is already pregnant.
08 Wildfiregirlsstill Wildfire September 12, 1991
On the first day of school Dylan makes a date with Emily Valentine, a new student who plays guitar and rides a motorcycle. She also makes a date with Brandon, and all of the guys seem quite taken with her. Emily offers to help Brenda, Kelly and Donna put together an act for the school's welcome assembly. Scott returns from his summer vacation in Oklahoma sporting a cowboy hat, with sudden interests in country music, fireworks and guns.
09 209 Ashes To Ashes September 19, 1991
A wealthy black family moves into the neighborhood. Brandon befriends freshman Robbie (who tries out for Blaze staff photographer), but gets into a car accident with his sister, Sherice Ashe, whose sassy attitude turns Brandon on. While Sherice is having dinner with Brandon, her low-rent boyfriend, Devo, tries to visit her house and bring her flowers.
10 120px Necessity Is a Mother September 26, 1991
Dylan cannot stand the fact that his quirky mother, Iris McKay, has moved in with him. He begins drinking, skipping school, and spending all of his time at a pool hall. Brandon tries to watch over Dylan, who loses a lot of money in a pool game and is beaten when he can't pay off the debt. After Donna displays a knack for picking stocks in an economics assignment, Steve talks her into investing in the market with him.
11 120px Leading from the Heart October 10, 1991
Brandon and Brenda's cousin Bobby Walsh visits, as he is considering transferring to UCLA. He is a paraplegic, the result of a skiing accident three years earlier. Bobby and Kelly develop a mutual attraction, but Brenda fears that Kelly will break her cousin's heart. Emily Valentine joins the school paper. David, who is starting to grow feelings for Donna, asks her for a date.
12 120px Down and Out of District in Beverly Hills October 17, 1991
Brandon submits one of Andrea's articles to a high school journalism contest. She wins the contest, but panics because a school district representative wants to conduct a home interview. Andrea asks her grandmother Rose Zuckerman to say that she lives with her, but Rose does not want to play along. Steve gets a girlfriend named Christine through a "chance encounter" at the Peach Pit, but Kelly suspects that the girl is only interested in his bank account...
13 Halloween Halloween October 31, 1991
Brenda, Dylan, Steve, Donna and Kelly attend a Halloween party. Donna dresses as a mermaid, but her fins inhibit dancing, walking, and trips to the bathroom. Kelly's seductive costume catches the eye of a college student dressed as a cowboy. Brandon stays home to hand out candy (actually raisins), but Emily comes to the door with her niece and nephew.
14 120px The Next Fifty Years November 7, 1991
On Scott's 16th birthday, his mother gives Donna and David the responsibility of rounding up people for his birthday party to save it from being a social disaster. But later, Scott finds a gun in his father's office and while showing it off to David, he accidentally shoots himself.
15 Egg U4EA November 14, 1991
Emily invites everyone to join her at an underground club. The location is a secret; the gang must exchange an egg at a certain convenience store for this information. The others leave without Steve and Andrea, who end up going to the wrong store and embarrassing themselves. Kelly is mortified when David drinks an entire bottle of whiskey, but Donna dances with him and has a good time. Emily slips a drug called U4EA into Brandon's drink to get him to "loosen up".
16 120px My Desperate Valentine November 21, 1991
Emily refuses to accept the fact that Brandon no longer wants to see her. She slashes her own tires and pretends that her parents are out of town so that Brandon will invite her to stay over. She sneaks into his bedroom and tries to seduce him. After he makes it clear that he is not interested, she begins to stalk and harass him.
17 120px Chuckie's Back December 12, 1991
Steve is bothered by the appearance of his old nemesis Chuck Wilson, the former child actor who stared in the TV series Hartley House with his stepmother, Samantha, who is asked to appear in a reunion TV show.
18 90210-S2-Ep18-Christmas 400 A Walsh Family Christmas December 19, 1991
Steve arrives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and tracks down his grandfather, Al Brown, a diner owner. Al explains that his daughter gave up Steve because she was very young and wanted him to have a good home. He sadly reveals that Karen Brown died in a car accident many years ago.
19 120px Fire and Ice January 9, 1992
While preparing for an ice hockey match Brandon meets Trish, a career figure skater with Olympic aspirations. Sparks fly but romance and skating don't mix. Meanwhile, Brenda finds that sales can be a backstabbing business when her own boss starts stealing her commissions. 
20 Sbd A Competitive Edge January 23, 1992
Brandon goes undercover for The Blaze, hoping to expose steroid use within the athletics team. Unfortunately, his exposé threatens to shine light on more than a corrupt athletics department. Meanwhile, Brenda's minor car accident becomes a major problem for Jim. 
21 120px Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout It February 6, 1992
Andrea heads up an initiative to introduce condoms into the school and the controversial issue leads to problems among the tight-knit group of friends. Some support, some oppose, and some just use the issue to further their own desires. Meanwhile, Jackie has some startling news for her own daughter.
22 190210 And Baby Makes Five February 13, 1992
Kelly's decision to confide in her friend's about her mother's pregnancy wreaks major havoc in Mel and Jackie's relationship. Brenda looks forward to a romantic Valentine's Day with Dylan, who has an unusual evening planned for them. Meanwhile, Andrea displays an amazing knack for picking winning horses during a trip to the race track with Nat. 
23 120px Cardio Funk February 27, 1992
Dylan and Brenda's relationship is put to the test when a friend from Dylan's past shows up and starts leaning on Dylan more and more. Brenda is tempted by a cute college boy, especially since Dylan is paying more attention to his old friend than he is her. Meanwhile, Nat purchases a karaoke machine for the Peach Pit which is an initial success, but the novelty quickly wears off. 
24 31da7891a5fb9898f720e3cdc30eb6bb The Pit and the Pendulum March 19, 1992
When a mall development project places the future of The Peach Pit in jeopardy, Brandon stages a protest in the hopes of saving his favorite hang-out from demolition. Meanwhile, the teens attend a college party, but Brandon forgets to dress according to theme. 
25 120px Meeting Mr. Pony April 2, 1992
During a late night, after-hours study session, the Peach Pit is robbed, and Brenda is robbed at gunpoint. She puts on a brave front for friends and family, but secretly suffers from night terrors and flashbacks. 
26 226 Things To Do On A Rainy Day April 23, 1992
When a popular R&B band comes to town, the gang tries to win tickets over the radio, but their efforts do not pan out. Music lover David finds out which hotel the band is staying at and the group decides to play groupies for a day by tracking them down at their hotel. Unfortunately, Donna finds more than the band when she catches her mother in a compromising position. Meanwhile, the guys (sans David) decide to hire a stripper for the evening, but their plans are foiled when Andrea barges in to their private party.
27 Bd Mexican Standoff April 30, 1992
Brenda and Dylan plan a trip to Mexico, but their plans are foiled when Jim forbids her to go. She sneaks off anyway, but trouble at customs alerts her father to her disobedience. Meanwhile, Kelly hits it off with one of the men building her mother's wedding canopy, while Donna frets over her parent's marital problems. 
28 90210-beverly-hills-90210-557624 445 300 Wedding Bell Blues May 7, 1992
Jim goes to Mexico to fetch Brenda and forbids her from seeing Dylan... permanently. When plumbing problems force Jackie to cancel her wedding, the Walshes offer to host it at their house. Donna mopes because as Kelly's mother prepares for her nuptials, her own parents are mulling divorce. Meanwhile, Andrea nurses hurt feelings when her wedding invitation fails to arrive.

Season 3

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Misery Loves Company

15 JULY 1992 Steve Wasserman & Jessica Klein 51 1
Brenda defies her parents and continues to secretly see Dylan. Brandon returns to work for the summer at the Beverly Hills Beach Club to find that his parents are new members and Andrea now working there as the child-care supervisor. Also, Steve and Brandon bet on whether Steve can hold down a job at the Peach Pit for a single week.

The Twins, The Trustee And The Very Big Trip

22 JULY 1992 Charles Rosin 52 2
Brenda and Dylan struggle with living together and the war with her parents. Steve and Brandon both make a date with the same girl — or so they think. And Kelly falls in love with her little sister, leaving Donna to go to Paris by herself.

Too Little, Too Late/Paris 75001

29 JULY 1992 Maria Semple & Jonathan Roberts/
Karen Rosin
53 3
Brenda and Donna adjust to living in Paris, but Brenda's french isn't as good as she thinks it is and the girls end up eating some questionable food at La Champagne. Andrea councils a def child, who has difficulty adjusting to summer camp. When her summer romance Jay (Peter Krause) invites Andrea to join him at the Republican National Convention, Brandon realises he's developing feelings for her.

Sex, Lies and Volleyball/Photo Fini

5 AUGUST 1992 Chris Brancato & Kenneth Biller/
Karen Rosin
54 4
Brandon and Steve compete for the affections of a tough volleyball player named Brooke. Meanwhile, a new girl in town, named Nikki Witt, flirts with David. In Paris, a French photographer persuades Donna to start modelling for him, while Brenda tries to fit in with her Paris crowd and takes up smoking.

Shooting Star/American in Paris

12 AUGUST 1992 Steve Wasserman & Jessica Klein/
Karen Rosin
55 5
Brenda meets an American in Paris and wonders whether they were destined to meet. Brandon tries to help out a homeless veteran and introduces his new girlfriend, Brooke, to his parents. Steve likes David's music and offers to become his manager. Dylan invites Kelly to spend the night under the stars with him.

Castles In The Sand

19 AUGUST 1992 Ann Donahue 56 6
Dylan and Kelly decide to keep their affair a secret when Brenda returns. Brandon discovers that Brooke is not the girl of his dreams after all and Steve finally lands a gig for David at the Beach Club

A Song of Myself

9 SEPTEMBER 1992 Chris Brancato & Kenneth Biller 57 7
Brenda, Steve and Donna volunteer as senior buddies to the new freshmen; Brandon decides he's gonna have fun this year, but is suprised, along with Andrea, when their new Blaze faculty advisor has other plans. Meanwhile, Kelly finds herself wishing she could be with Brenda's boyfriend

The Back Story

16 SEPTEMBER 1992 Karen Rosin 58 8
During SATs week, Brenda agrees to a teen interview, but her words are manipulated. Dylan visits his father in prison again who gives him some advice on his future. Steve is tempted when West Beverly alumnus, B.J. Harrison, offers him the master key to the school and Nikki turns her sights on Brandon.


1 OCTOBER 1992 Star Frohman 59 9
The gang has to start considering colleges and Andrea has trouble convincing herself to go for Yale. Brenda and Brandon have to decide which one of them gets to attend college out of state, while Dylan and Kelly are uninterested in college.

Home and Away

7 OCTOBER 1992 Chip Johannessen 60 10
Brandon meets a gifted student from Shaw High School when gang violence threaten to stereotype the community. Brenda heads the dance committee for the Pig Skin Prom. Meanwhile, Kelly's father is in town and Donna's annoyed that David's got a groupie.

A Presumption of Innocence

21 OCTOBER 1992 Karen Rosin 61 11
Andrea and Brenda try to get to the bottom of a sexual assault accusation against Gil Meyers brought forth by Sue's mother. Brandon reluctantly agrees to go out dancing with Nikki, despite not knowing how to dance. Also, Dylan develops a bad cough due to surfing in polluted water.

Destiny Rides Again

4 NOVEMBER 1992 Steve Wasserman & Jessica Klein 62 12
Andrea is the victim of a hit and run, but her friends support her. Brenda runs into Rick from Paris and goes on a date with him. Nikki invites Brandon, Donna and David to a AIDS awareness show hosted by Rosie O'Donnell.

Rebel With A Cause

11 NOVEMBER 1992 Star Frohman 63 13
Steve stays close to the computer-tampering investigation; Brenda sees Dylan with Kelly. Cindy believes that Dottie, Jim's new secretary, has a crush on Jim, or even more. The board of education denies Dylan appeal in court due to the fact that they believe he cheated on his SAT. The Janitor requests over $100 from Steve to keep him quiet.

Wild Horses

18 NOVEMBER 1992 Kenneth Biller 64 14
On the road, Dylan finds comfort with Anne, a wealthy heiress living at a remote ranch. Back in Beverly Hills, Donna tries to repair Brenda and Kelly's damaged friendship and Brandon learns first-hand about Nikki's abusive past when her musician ex-boyfriend, Diesel, shows up.

The Kindness of Strangers

25 NOVEMBER 1992 Steve Wasserman & Jessica Klein 65 15
Brandon meets the veteran from the Beach Club and invites him home for Thanksgiving. Dylan's father gets a holiday release and invites his girlfriend over, much to Dylan's chagrin. Meanwhile, Steve tries to work up the courage to tell his mother that he's been expelled.

It's A Totally Happening Life

16 DECEMBER 1992 Karen Rosin & Charles Rosin 66 16
It's Christmas and everyone's miserable and fighting with each other. Guardian angel-in-training, Miriam, guides her boss, Clarence, in how the situation is about to get dangerous for the kids at West Beverly.

The Game Is Chicken

3 JANUARY 1993 Chip Johannessen 67 17
Brenda and Kelly agree to have Cindy set them up on a blind double date with two guys from Princeton. Steve meets a drag-racer in detention, who may lead to finding the perp who hit Andrea.

Midlife... Now What?

13 JANUARY 1992 Lana Freistat Melman 68 18
The four girls, along with Cindy and Jackie, go on a weekend spa retreat, where Brenda learns an uncomfortable secret. Brandon starts gambling directly with Nat's bookie, Duke. Dylan struggles to choose between Brenda and Kelly.

Back In The High Life Again

27 JANUARY 1993 Steve Wasserman & Jessica Klein 69 19
Jack McKay decides to throw a party at the Bel Age hotel to celebrate his release from prison. Dylan invites both Brenda and Kelly, and everyone, but later that evening makes a decision to be with just one. Mel and Jackie's marriage crumbles, leaving David afraid that he'll no longer see his baby sister. Meanwhile, Brandon's interest in gambling takes a dangerous turn.

Parental Guidance Recommended

3 FEBRUARY 1993 Chip Johannessen 70 20
Brenda is devastated at the betrayal. Andrea attends a tea for future Yale students where she unexpectedly meets a familiar face – Jordan Bonner. Iris McKay visits Beverly Hills to protect Dylan from Jack's monetary interests and comforts Brenda. David is offered a record deal, with contingencies that could spell disaster in his personal life.

Dead End

10 FEBRUARY 1993 Star Frohman 71 21
Brenda asks Donna to join her and Cindy in a self-defense class. Jordan asks Andrea out, prompting Brandon's jealousy. Dylan lives with his father and Christine at a yacht, but is unaware that the yacht is being watched. Brandon gambling gets out of hand and he fears for his safety.

The Child Is Father To The Man

17 FEBRUARY 1993 Karen Rosin & Charles Rosin 72 22
Dylan is under siege by press following Jack's murder, but is invited to take refuge at the Walshes — by Brenda. Everyone rallies around Dylan, except for Kelly who is more focused on what she's doing wrong. David worries he won't make it to the wake.

Duke's Bad Boy

3 MARCH 1993 Steve Wasserman & Jessica Klein 73 23
Andrea and Dylan find they have a lot in common as she helps him deal with his father's death. Brandon starts losing it when he owes more than he has and fears for his safety. David's record deal goes south when his songs have been horribly mixed.

Perfectly Perfect

24 MARCH 1993 Gillian Horvath 74 24
Steve talks Brandon into joining him for a TV dating game show entitled Love At First Sight. Donna plans a surprise 18th birthday party for Kelly, whose dieting is getting out of hand.

Senior Poll

7 APRIL 1993 Chip Johannessen 75 25
Brenda mulls over whether she really will leave Beverly Hills and return to Minnesota for college. Andrea supports Dylan as he writes an editorial for the Blaze. Steve forgets he's dateless when he goes out with Brandon and his parents to a Lakers basketball game and is randomly chosen to win $10,000 for a half-court shot. Meanwhile, Kelly feels that no one sees beyond her exterior

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

21 APRIL 1993 Ken Stringer 76 26
Brenda, Andrea, Kelly, Donna and David go to Magic Mountain for Senior Ditch Day. Brandon has to work, while Dylan studies and a restless Steve tries to impress a tour guide, who is not who she seems to be.

A Night To Remember

28 APRIL 1993 Jessica Klein 77 27
Brenda and Brandon feel listless as they are dateless for the Senior Prom, while Andrea is going with Jordan Bonner, Steve with Celeste Lundy and the other couples. Meanwhile, Donna is nervous about making it with David at the hotel where the Prom is held.

Something In The Air

12 MAY 1993 Jessica Klein 78 28
Brandon leads other in taking a risk with some '60s-style activism after Donna is censured in a disciplinary hearing regarding her prom-night activity

Commencement: Part 1

19 MAY 1993 Karen Rosin & Charles Rosin 79 29
With 24 hours until graduation, Andrea frets with Brandon over her coming valedictorian speech and her college choice of California University or Yale, as does Brenda with Minnesota. Meanwhile, Dylan gets a windfall when he inherits his trust fund worth $10 million, and a surprise visit from his mother Iris. On graduation day, David and Donna are the emcee's at the Senior Breakfast gathering

Commencement: Part 2

19 MAY 1993 Charles Rosin 80 30
Graduation nears and everyone is hanging out, enjoying their last moments as seniors. Andrea is in a panic over her speech, but is supported by Brandon, who thinks she may have feelings for him. Dylan finds closure and inspiration for how to move forward after high school. Brenda decides on Minnesota, but doesn't tell anyone. Steve assembles the gang as they transform the familiar Hollywood sign into a memento.

Season 4

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1 So Long, Farewell,
Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye
8 September 1993 81
2 The Girl from New York City 15 September 1993 82
3 The Little Fish 22 September 1993 83
4 Greek To Me 29 September 1993 84
5 Radio Daze 6 October 1993 85
6 Strangers In The Night 13 October 1993 86
7 Moving Targets 20 October 1993 87
8 Twenty Years Ago Today 27 October 1993 88
9 Otherwise Engaged 3 November 1993 89
10 And Did It... My Way 10 November 1993 90
11 Take Back the Night 17 November 1993 91
12 Radar Love 24 November 1993 92
13 Emily 1 December 1993 93
14 Windstruck 15 December 1993 94
15 Somewhere In The World
It's Christmas
22 December 1993 95
16 Crunch Time 5 January 1994 96
17 Thicker Than Water 12 January 1994 97
18 Heartbreaker 26 January 1994 98
19 The Labors of Love 2 February 1994 99
20 Scared Very Straight 9 February 1994 100
21 Addicted To Love 16 February 1994 101
22 Change Partners 23 February 1994 First appearance of Clare Arnold 102
23 A Pig Is A Boy Is A Dog 2 March 1994 103
24 Cuffs and Links 16 March 1994 104
25 The Time Has Come Today 23 March 1994 105
26 Blind Spot 6 April 1994 106
27 Divas 20 April 1994 107
28 Acting Out 27 April 1994 108
29 Truth and Consequences 4 May 1994 109
30 Vital Signs 11 May 1994 110
31 Mr. Walsh Goes to
Washington: Part 1
25 May 1994 111
32 Mr. Walsh Goes to
Washington: Part 2
25 May 1994 Series final appearance of
Brenda Walsh

Season 5

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# Title Airdate Notes
112 - 5.01 What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories September 7, 1994 This is Valerie Malone's first episode.
113 - 5.02 Under the Influence September 14, 1994  
114 - 5.03 A Clean Slate September 21, 1994  
115 - 5.04 Life after Death September 28, 1994  
116 - 5.05 Rave On October 5, 1994 This is Ray Pruit's first episode.
117 - 5.06 Homecoming October 12, 1994  
118 - 5.07 Who's Zoomin' Who? October 19, 1994  
119 - 5.08 Things That Go Bang in the Night October 26, 1994  
120 - 5.09 Intervention November 2, 1994  
121 - 5.10 The Dreams of Dylan McKay November 9, 1994  
122 - 5.11 Hate Is Just a Four Letter Word November 16, 1994  
123 - 5.12 Rock of Ages November 23, 1994  
124 - 5.13 Up in Flames November 30, 1994  
125 - 5.14 Injustice for All December 15, 1994  
126 - 5.15 Christmas Comes This Time Each Year December 22, 1994  
127 - 5.16 Sentenced to Life January 4, 1995  
128 - 5.17 Sweating It Out January 11, 1995  
129 - 5.18 Hazardous to Your Health January 18, 1995  
130 - 5.19 Little Monsters February 1, 1995  
131 - 5.20 You Gotta Have Heart February 8, 1995  
132 - 5.21 Stormy Weather February 15, 1995  
133 - 5.22 Alone at the Top February 22, 1995  
134 - 5.23 Love Hurts March 1, 1995  
135 - 5.24 Unreal World March 15, 1995  
136 - 5.25 Double Jeopardy March 29, 1995  
137 - 5.26 A Song for My Mother April 5, 1995  
138 - 5.27 Squash It April 12, 1995  
139 - 5.28 Girls on the Side May 3, 1995  
140 - 5.29 The Real McCoy May 10, 1995  
141 - 5.30 Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills May 17, 1995 This is Andrea Zuckerman's final appearance as a regular character and Jesse Vasquez's last episode.
142 - 5.31 P.S. I Love You: Part 1 May 24, 1995  
143 - 5.32 P.S. I Love You: Part 2 May 24, 1995 This is Jim and Cindy Walsh's last appearance as regulars.

Season 6

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# Title Airdate Notes
144 - 6.01 "Home Is Where The Tart Is" September 13, 1995
145 - 6.02 "Buffalo Gals" September 13, 1995
146 - 6.03 "Must Be a Guy Thing" September 20, 1995
147 - 6.04 "Everything's Coming Up Roses" September 27, 1995
148 - 6.05 "Lover's Leap" October 4, 1995
149 - 6.06 "Speechless" October 18, 1995
150 - 6.07 "Violated" October 25, 1995
151 - 6.08 "Gypsies, Cramps and Fleas" November 1, 1995
152 - 6.09 "Earthquake Weather" November 6, 1995
153 - 6.10 "One Wedding And A Funeral" November 8, 1995 Dylan McKay departs the series. He would later return in Season 9.
154 - 6.11 "Offensive Interference" November 15, 1995
155 - 6.12 "Breast Side Up" November 22, 1995
156 - 6.13 "Courting" November 29, 1995 Ray Pruit departs the series.
157 - 6.14 "Fortunate Son" December 13, 1995
158 - 6.15 "Angels We Have Heard on High" December 20, 1995
159 - 6.16 "Turn Back the Clock" January 3, 1996
160 - 6.17 "Fade In, Fade Out" January 10, 1996
161 - 6.18 "Snowbound" January 24, 1996
162 - 6.19 "Nancy's Choice" January 31, 1996
163 - 6.20 "Flying" February 7, 1996
164 - 6.21 "Bleeding Hearts" February 14, 1996
165 - 6.22 "All This and Mary Too" February 21, 1996
166 - 6.23 "Leap of Faith" February 28, 1996
167 - 6.24 "Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out" March 13, 1996
168 - 6.25 "Smashed" March 20, 1996
169 - 6.26 "Flirting With Disaster" April 3, 1996
170 - 6.27 "Strike the Match" April 10, 1996
171 - 6.28 "The Big Hurt" May 1, 1996
172 - 6.29 "Ticket to Ride" May 8, 1996
173 - 6.30 "Ray of Hope" May 15, 1996
174 - 6.31 "You Say It's Your Birthday: Part 1" May 22, 1996
175 - 6.32 "You Say It's Your Birthday: Part 2" May 22, 1996

Season 7

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# Title Airdate Notes
176 - 7.01 "Remember The Alamo" August 21, 1996
177 - 7.02 "Here We Go Again" August 28, 1996
178 - 7.03 "A Mate For Life" September 4, 1996
179 - 7.04 "Disappearing Act" September 11, 1996
180 - 7.05 "Pledging My Love" September 18, 1996
181 - 7.06 "Housewarming" September 25, 1996
182 - 7.07 "Fearless" October 30, 1996
183 - 7.08 "The Things We Do for Love" November 6, 1996
184 - 7.09 "Loser Takes All" November 13, 1996
185 - 7.10 "Lost in Las Vegas" November 20, 1996
186 - 7.11 "If I Had a Hammer" November 27, 1996
187 - 7.12 "Judgement Day" December 11, 1996
188 - 7.13 "Gift Wrapped" December 18, 1996
189 - 7.14 "Jobbed" January 8, 1997
190 - 7.15 "Phantom of C.U." January 15, 1997
191 - 7.16 "Unnecessary Roughness" January 22, 1997
192 - 7.17 "Face-Off" January 29, 1997
193 - 7.18 "We Interrupt This Program" February 5, 1997
194 - 7.19 "My Funny Valentine" February 12, 1997
195 - 7.20 "With This Ring" February 19, 1997
196 - 7.21 "Straight Shooter" February 26, 1997
197 - 7.22 "A Ripe Young Age" March 5, 1997
198 - 7.23 "Storm Warning" March 19, 1997
199 - 7.24 "Spring Breakdown" April 2, 1997
200 - 7.25 "Heaven Sent" April 9, 1997
201 - 7.26 "The Long Goodbye" April 16, 1997
202 - 7.27 "I Only Have Eyes for You" April 23, 1997
203 - 7.28 "All That Jazz" April 30, 1997
204 - 7.29 "Mother's Day" May 7, 1997
205 - 7.30 "Senior Week" May 14, 1997
206 - 7.31 "Graduation Day: Part 1" May 21, 1997
207 - 7.32 "Graduation Day: Part 2" May 21, 1997 This is Clare Arnold's last episode.

Season 8

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# Title Airdate Notes
208 - 8.01 "Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 1" September 10, 1997 This is Carly Reynolds's first episode.
209 - 8.02 "Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 2" September 10, 1997 This is Noah Hunter's first episode.
210 - 8.03 "Forgive and Forget" September 17, 1997
211 - 8.04 "The Way We Weren't" September 24, 1997
212 - 8.05 "Coming Home" October 1, 1997
213 - 8.06 "The Right Thing" October 15, 1997
214 - 8.07 "Pride and Prejudice" October 22, 1997
215 - 8.08 "Toil and Trouble" October 8, 1997
216 - 8.09 "Friends, Lovers and Children" November 5, 1997
217 - 8.10 "Child of the Night" November 12, 1997
218 - 8.11 "Deadline" November 19, 1997
219 - 8.12 "Friends In Deed" December 3, 1997
220 - 8.13 "Comic Relief" December 10, 1997
221 - 8.14 "Santa Knows" December 17, 1997
222 - 8.15 "Ready or Not" January 7, 1998 This is Janet Sosna's first episode.
223 - 8.16 "Illegal Tender" January 14, 1998
224 - 8.17 "The Elephant's Father" January 21, 1998 This is Carly Reynolds's last episode.
225 - 8.18 "Rebound" January 28, 1998
226 - 8.19 "Crimes and Misdemeanors" February 4, 1998
227 - 8.20 "Cupid's Arrow" February 11, 1998
228 - 8.21 "The Girl Who Cried Wolf" February 25, 1998
229 - 8.22 "Law and Disorder" March 4, 1998
230 - 8.23 "Making Amends" March 11, 1998
231 - 8.24 "The Nature of Nurture" March 18, 1998
232 - 8.25 "Aunt Bea's Pickles" 25 March 1998
233 - 8.26 "All That Glitters" April 1, 1998
234 - 8.27 "Reunion" April 15, 1998
235 - 8.28 "Skin Deep" April 22, 1998
236 - 8.29 "Ricochet" May 6, 1998
237 - 8.30 "The Fundamental Things Apply" May 13, 1998
238 - 8.31 "The Wedding: Part 1" May 20, 1998
239 - 8.32 "The Wedding: Part 2" May 20, 1998

Season 9

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# Title Airdate Notes
240 - 9.01 "The Morning After" September 16, 1998 This is Janet Sosna's first episode as a regular character.
241 - 9.02 "Budget Cuts" September 23, 1998
242 - 9.03 "Dealer's Choice" September 30, 1998
243 - 9.04 "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" October 28, 1998 This is Matt Durning's first episode.
244 - 9.05 "Brandon Leaves" November 4, 1998 This is Brandon Walsh's last episode.
245 - 9.06 "Confession" November 11, 1998
246 - 9.07 "You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello" November 18, 1998 This is Valerie Malone's last episode. This is Gina Kincaid's first episode. Dylan McKay returns in this episode.
247 - 9.08 "I'm Back Because" December 2, 1998
248 - 9.09 "The Following Options" December 9, 1998
249 - 9.10 "Marathon Man" December 16, 1998
250 - 9.11 "How to Be the Jerk Women Love" January 13, 1999
251 - 9.12 "Trials and Tribulations" January 20, 1999
252 - 9.13 "Withdrawal" January 27, 1999
253 - 9.14 "I'm Married" February 3, 1999
254 - 9.15 "Beheading St. Valentine" February 10, 1999
255 - 9.16 "Survival Skills" February 17, 1999
256 - 9.17 "Slipping Away" March 3, 1999
257 - 9.18 "Bobbi Dearest" March 10, 1999
258 - 9.19 "The Leprechaun" March 17, 1999
259 - 9.20 "Fortune Cookie" April 7, 1999
260 - 9.21 "I Wanna Reach Out and Grab Ya" April 14, 1999
261 - 9.22 "Local Hero" April 21, 1999
262 - 9.23 "The End Of The World As We Know It" April 28, 1999
263 - 9.24 "Dog's Best Friend" May 5, 1999
264 - 9.25 "Agony" May 12, 1999
265 - 9.26 "That's The Guy" May 19, 1999

Season 10

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# Title Airdate Notes
266 - 10.01 "The Phantom Menace" September 8, 1999
267 - 10.02 "Let's Eat Cake" September 15, 1999
268 - 10.03 "You Better Work" September 22, 1999
269 - 10.04 "A Fine Mess" September 29, 1999
270 - 10.05 "The Loo-Ouch" October 20, 1999
271 - 10.06 "80s Night" October 27, 1999
272 - 10.07 "Laying Pipe" November 3, 1999
273 - 10.08 "Baby, You Can Drive My Car" November 10, 1999
274 - 10.09 "Family Tree" November 17, 1999
275 - 10.10 "What's In A Name" November 17, 1999
276 - 10.11 "Sibling Revelry" December 15, 1999
277 - 10.12 "Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly" December 22, 1999
278 - 10.13 "Tainted Love" January 12, 2000
279 - 10.14 "I'm Using You 'Cause I Like You" January 19, 2000
280 - 10.15 "Fertile Ground" January 26, 2000
281 - 10.16 "The Final Proof" February 9, 2000
282 - 10.17 "Doc Martin" February 16, 2000 This is Gina's last episode
283 - 10.18 "Eddie Waitkus" March 1, 2000
284 - 10.19 "I Will Be Your Father Figure" March 8, 2000
285 - 10.20 "Ever Heard the One About the Exploding Father?" March 15, 2000
286 - 10.21 "Spring Fever" March 22, 2000
287 - 10.22 "The Easter Bunny" April 5, 2000
288 - 10.23 "And Don't Forget to Give Me Back My Black T-Shirt" April 19, 2000
289 - 10.24 "Love Is Blind" April 26, 2000
290 - 10.25 "I'm Happy for You...Really" May 10, 2000
291 - 10.26 "The Penultimate" May 17, 2000
292 - 10.27 "Ode to Joy" May 17, 2000