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Emily Valentine, played by Christine Elise, is a recurring character seen on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. Emily was a romantic interest of Brandon Walsh's who made her first appearance in the second season, and her final appearance in the fifth. She was introduced as a "wild child" who drove a motorcycle.

Beverly Hills, 90210Edit

Season 2Edit

Emily is introduced in the episode Wildfire. She runs into both Dylan and Brandon on her first day at West Beverly Hills High School. After Emily dates Dylan one night and Brandon the next, Brenda quickly becomes angered by Emily and seeks to ruin her reputation. Under peer pressure, Brenda and Emily reconcile but never have a close friendship. Brandon and Emily become close friends and soon start dating; their first kiss was at the peach pit on Halloween. Emily bullies the group into visiting an underground club where she takes U4EA and spikes Brandon's drink with the same drug. Brandon soon breaks up with Emily after this incident which leads to her stalking him, sending him cakes and making prank phone calls. After some bitter interactions, Emily douses a West Beverly homecoming float with flammable liquid. Brenda and Dylan arrive to the scene, and after seeing the lighter in Emily's hand, Brenda, realizing how much of her past antagonisim towards her had contributed to things, talks Emily down. It is soon revealed that Emily has been institutionalized, and Brandon visits her at Christmas.

Season 4Edit

In the fourth season, Brandon having issues with his college campus life leaves for a drive up the coast. While filling up his car he notices a woman who reminds him of Emily and he goes in search of her in the Bay area. After driving to her last known address and finding out that she no longer lives there, He takes a cable car ride in San Francisco and bumps into her and discovers that Emily has made a full recovery from her emotional issues. The two of them share Thanksgiving weekend together. The couple declare their love and passion, but eventually Emily reveals that she is moving to France after Thanksgiving. They say goodbye and it is revealed in the fifth season that she never called him when she arrived in Paris.

Season 5Edit

In the fifth season, Emily calls Brandon to ask him to meet her at the airport, supposedly for a short stop over visit. They eventually share a kiss. The matter is complicated by the fact that Kelly, Brandon's girlfriend at the time, was caught in a house fire. Later, Emily, acknowledging that Brandon is in love with Kelly, finally encourages both Kelly and Brandon to find their way back to each other.

Appearance and StyleEdit

Emily valentine 90210

Emily always stood out from the typical Beverly Hills girl. She would usually wear a black leather motorcycle jacket, and keep her hair short and bleached.


  • "This isn't Beverly Hills! It's Knot's Landing!"
  • (To Brenda) "Oh look! If it isn't the president of the West Beverly welcoming commitee."
  • "When I got to school they should have given me a score card instead of a class schedule, so I can keep track of everyone's boyfriends." - Wildfire


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