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Who do you think they're going to believe? YOU? Or 'innocent little Emily'?
—Cousin Emily[src]
Emily Bradford is a character on CW teen soap 90210. She is portrayed by Abbie Cobb.


Season 3

Emily is Annie and Dixon's cousin from Kansas. She comes to LA to live with Annie's family because her mother is in rehab. All she wants is to fit in, but when Annie looks down on her instead of accepting her, Emily attempts to take over Annie's life and she manages to act like a total bitch about it. She changes her hair, buys clothes just like Annie's, tries to turn her friends against her, and then steals a part that Annie auditions for. Annie confronts Emily about how she lied to Naomi, Silver, and Adrianna and the resort/spa. But they believe Emily and not Annie. Emily has a crush on Liam and attempts to break he and Annie up. She succeeds, at least that is what she believes,they actually faked their break up to trick her . She then acts very sweet and innocent, making Annie's anger look irrational. Her true nature was eventually exposed with a help of Liam Court, pretending to agree to go on a date with her. Liam brought Emily back home after the date for her to start trash talking Naomi, Silver, and Adrianna. Little does she know that the girls mentioned are all waiting for in the living room for Emily's "surprise party", hearing every word she said. Emily quickly packs her things and leaves town after realizing her two-faced personality has been revealed.

Cousin Emily

Cousin Emily gives Annie advice about Liam

Season 5

At a West Beverlly alumni event she had a brief appearance when Annie sees her at the event. Even though Emily was only there for a couple months, she has come by to brag about how many hits her blog gets and how she has an agent while attending NYU. This causes Annie to think about the state of her life and she begins to write a blog too.

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