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The relationship between Dylan McKay and Brenda Walsh is one of the best and most memorable relationships on Beverly Hills, 90210.

The BeginningEdit

Dylan and Brenda meet in Season 1. Dylan McKay is a friend of Brandon Walsh, and through Brandon, Dylan meets his sister Brenda. Their chemistry is electric and they immediately hit it off. Their relationship progresses quickly. During the "Spring Dance" Brenda loses her virginity to Dylan. At the end of Season 1, Brenda has a pregnancy scare. In Season 2, Brenda starts her period and isn't pregnant, yet the scare makes her break up with Dylan.

A Summer-Time TrystEdit

By this time, however, Brenda's parents had become opposed to the relationship, which prompted much antagonism. Jim and Cindy eventually felt that it would be best for Brenda to spend some time away, and offered her a trip to Paris for the summer. She accepted, and was accompanied by Donna.

While Brenda was in Paris during the summer, Dylan had a fling with their mutual friend Kelly Taylor. The feelings between Dylan and Kelly proved especially strong, despite their reservations, as they'd known

Dylan and Brenda during Spring Dance

each other for many years. When Brenda returned, she and Dylan began growing apart due to new-found differences. After confirming that they'd both had flings during her time in Paris, the couple soon broke up. Dylan then began seeing Kelly, which quickly angered Brenda. After the girls had reconciled, Dylan was told to reach a choice between them. He eventually chose Kelly, privately citing longtime feelings for her.

The ReturnEdit

After returning to America, Brenda fully reconciled with her parents and continued seeing Dylan. Though she told him about Rick (a guy she met in Paris), she also assured him that the fling was ultimately meaningless.

Brenda and Dylan

She soon found herself romantically conflicted once again, but initially remained with Dylan. The two later faced another break-up, however, due to an apparently growing number of differences. In the process of their split, Dylan admitted that he, like Brenda, had also had a fling while she'd been away for the summer. The two then shared a parting kiss. Brenda soon began dating Rick with a generally positive outlook on the future. Her mood quickly changed upon discovering that Dylan was seeing her friend Kelly. She soon realized that she wasn't over Dylan, and separated from Rick on good terms. Though Brenda and Kelly's relationship was initially strained, they later reconciled, with Dylan arriving at a choice between.



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