Alison broke the news to the girls at Shooters that Keith Gray was married, which was responded to negatively by Rhonda and Jane. They didn't believe he would leave his wife and when Keith arrived, Alison excused herself and him to go to Keith's beach house.

Meanwhile, Matt was attacked on the street by a few men for being gay. He managed to get home, where Jake found him bloody and beaten. After Jake took him to the hospital, Matt just wanted to drop the subject of revenge while Billy and Rhonda tried to keep him optimistic about the police finding the attackers.

Alison, after getting chewed out at work for poor performance, admitted to Lucy that her boyfriend was married. She was also greeted with less than enthusiasm from Billy regarding Keith's marital status.

After Matt told Detective Gold in front of his boss, Ken Gable, that he was attacked because he was gay, Ken fired him.

After Sandy was approached by a casting director from a soap opera in New York, she went to audition and ended up getting the part. As a result, she left Melrose Place and moved there. The tenants watched her first day on the television at Shooters.

Billy went to Keith's beach house and confronted them and the two exchanged heated words. Billy informed him that he didn't intend to let Keith hurt her and Keith told him to mind his own business.

When Alison decided to break up with Keith, she went to his beach house, where he told her that he was going to end his marriage.


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