Picking up where the previous episode left off, Keith was waiting for Alison to respond to his revelation that he was leaving his wife. She was prepared to break up with him, but instead stayed with him. Billy was less than thrilled to hear the news when Alison sauntered in the next morning.

Rhonda met with Carrie Fellows, who was to be her new roommate after Sandy moved to New York. Carrie seemed very organized and friendly, so Rhonda invited her to move into the apartment. However, she soon showed that she was obsessive-compulsive and had to organize everything in the house. Rhonda was unable to live with her, so she asked her to move out and Carrie obliged.

Matt went to see an attorney, Sarah Goldstein, so that he could sue his former boss for discrimination after he fired him because he was gay. She initially told him that he would have to pay $5000 to retain her services, but defer the rest of the costs. However, after asking his parents for the money, he was denied. However, when Matt tried to put up his car as collateral, Sarah saw the passion in his speech and told him she'd do it pro bono.

Alison allowed Keith to stay with her after his wife threw him out of the house. however, after she minced words with Jane over Keith's marriage, Alison began to have dreams about Lily, even going to her house to spy on her. Lily spotted her and walked towards her, but Alison quickly drove away.

Keith wanted Alison to move out of the apartment because he didn't like Billy, but Alison wasn't so sure she wanted to move in with Keith. After thinking things over, Alison broke it off with Keith and came home to Billy, who comforted her.


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