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Miles Cannon, born (Douglas Atherton), is played by Hal Ozsan, is a recurring character seen on 90210, the fourth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. He rapes Naomi Clark in the last episode of season 2.

90210 Edit

Season 2 Edit

In "Clark Raving Mad" it is revealed that Mr. Cannon is new faculty adviser for The Blaze. Naomi falsely accuses him of sexual harassment after he fires her from the newspaper but tells the truth eventually. However, in the season finale he rapes Naomi telling her, "Who's going to believe you? You're the girl who cried wolf."

Season 3 Edit

In Season 3, the next girl he is going for is Silver. He steals her scarf and constantly looks upon her as more than a pupil. Cannon thinks his stature as a teacher will protect him and that he will easily defeat Naomi's efforts to seek justice, even goading her by saying her trust fund will soon be his, but it is Cannon however who engineers his own defeat.

Following Naomi's involvement of the police, Cannon is suspended and is walking out to his car with a box containing his personal effects, inside which is a sports drink bottle with a Chelsea F.C. logo on it, which falls out. The bottle is intercepted by Oscar, who has an ability to identify an English accent to a certain area of the island. Oscar spots Cannon's accent as being from Dagenham. Cannon is quick to silence Oscar, but Oscar insists Cannon is from Dagenham.

Later in the day, Oscar meets with Naomi to ask her out for a date, despite being rebuffed earlier that day because his accent was deemed a turn-off. Oscar senses Naomi is under stress and offers to help. Together they work to uncover Cannon's history. They go on the internet and try to learn about his life in England, but turn up nothing. Oscar asks what the reason for the search is and Naomi has Oscar punch in the keywords teacher, sex offender, Dagenham. The search turns up news stories of a teacher wanted in England for sex crimes. The photo Naomi pulls up shows Cannon but under it is the name Douglas Atherton.

Oscar and Naomi go to the police with the new evidence. The police, in conjunction with English authorities, confirm with Oscar and Naomi their findings. Later, the police arrive at Atherton's home to arrest and serve him with extradition, but sadly inform Naomi that Atherton fled.

He does, however, return. He is there waiting in Naomi's hotel room and comes out from hiding when she arrives. He talks to her calmly, but she tries to escape the apartment so he threatens her with a knife and ties her up.

When he says to Naomi that she is going to get him out of jail, he texted Silver as well so that they could prove he shouldn't be in jail. Later, the girls sprayed him and Naomi threatened to kill him. In the end he was seen getting in to jail.

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