Dennis and Marilyn Carter, played by Jerry Hardin and Penny Fuller, are a married couple introduced in Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Dennis and Marilyn were the parents of Reed Carter. They came to visit Jo Reynolds after their son was killed, only to learn that Jo was pregnant with Reed's child. Although their first meeting was warm and cordial, Jo soon found herself sued for the custody of her baby by Dennis and Marilyn.

During the trial, the Carters made Jo's surroundings out to be unfit for a baby to be raised. They won full custody of Jo's baby.

However, Jo later faked her baby's death by switching with a stillborn. aided by Kimberly Shaw. However, Kimberly turned the tables and stole Jo's baby. Later, however, Michael Mancini gave the baby back to Jo. Kimberly, in revenge mode, called Marilyn and told her that the baby was alive.

They hired Emily Baldwin to get hired as Jo's nanny and kidnap the baby once again, bringing the boy to them. However, Jake Hanson and Jo tracked them to a remote cabin, where they were keeping baby Austin. When Jo tried to get her baby, Dennis shot her in the back. Dennis was the arrested.

Later, while Jo recovered in the hospital, Marilyn sneaked into her room and threatened to kill her, stating that she'd never let the woman who murdered her son raise her grandson. However, when they back to court, the judge ruled that the Carters were morally bankrupt and would not regain custody of Austin. The baby was given up for adoption.

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