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Deadline This is the 11th episode of the Eight Season of Beverly Hills, 90210


After Brandon is arrested, sparks fly between him and Kelly over his continuing refusal to reveal the names in his article, until Erica proposes a way to help him by entrapping Riggs with a sting operation. Meanwhile, Valerie seeks to learn who anonymously helped David pay off his loan shark and learns the truth about Noah and his wealthy background. At the same time, David's jealousy and pride gets the worst out of him after he rejects help from Donna after a fire breaks out at the After Dark. Steve queries with father, Rush, as well as Jody, about paternity and if he is ready for it and goes to Carly for comfort. Also, Kelly volunteers for a new job at a free clinic and meets the volunteer doctor Monahan, and Noah starts dating Donna after telling her about his wealthy family.




  • Nancy Linari as Ann

Music: 'The World Is New' by Save Ferris.

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