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When was it that we fell in love, when we were 18 or 16, maybe 10? I don't know 'cause the truth is I can't picture a time that I wasn't in love with you. I always knew you were the one that could look into my eyes and see my soul. I don't question your commitment to us and I know there's nothing we can't work through. And I accept you as my partner and as my best friend above all others. It's a miracle to find the kind of peace and happiness that you've given me and in honor of that miracle, I pledge before our family and friends to love and to cherish you forever
—David´s wedding vows to Donna[src]
David and Donna are a fictional couple on FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210. This is one of the series' most enduring romantic relationships.

The Beginning

David and Donna first started dating in high school. Donna was the socially awkward junior and David was a geeky sophomore. The start of their relationship was David asking Donna to a school dance and Donna accepting (under the stipulation that they were to whatever) They became a couple and stayed together all through high school, even though Donna wanted to stay a virgin until she got married; David agreed to follow Donna's wishes. David graduated high school a year early to be able to graduate and go to college with Donna. David cheated on Donna with AR rep Arial in season 4. David and Donna ended their relationship, (after some time) they were able to remain good friends. On their college graduation night, Donna and decided to move in together, causing a rift with her mother over this decision. But when David forged a check using Donna's name, Donna broke up with him once again. She then had a serious romance with Noah Hunter, but that eventually ended and in the final season, she got back together with David again. Donna and David were married in the show's series finale.


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