Constance Tate-Duncan is a recurring character on CW teen soap 90210. She is portrayed by Maeve Quinlan.


Constance is Adrianna's overbearing mother and a former actress, whose constant pressure has driven her daughter to drugs. She also has serious financial problems and depends on Adrianna to bring in money from acting gigs.

Series arc

Season 1

At school, Adrianna is warming up with Brenda and her voice is superb. She's happy, excited and confident… that is until Constantce shows up and tells her that she's arranged for several high profile agents and producers to be in the audience. All Adrianna has to do is perform well and things for their family will get better. As she piles on the pressure, Adrianna's confidence crumbles and Brenda looks both sad and worried for the girl.Out in the audience the seats are quickly filling up. Several high profile agents and producers file in and Constance assures them they won't be disappointed. And maybe they won't be, but it's not Adrianna who brings down the house with her voice and stage presence.

Backstage, Kelly gets into an argument with Constance, who is furious that her daughter was pulled from the play. Kelly tries to make her see the condition her daughter is in but she refuses to see it all she cares about is that Adrianna's opportunity to shine in front of some major Hollywood power players has been pulled out from under her. The next day she is with Adrianna at a meeting with Principal Harry Wilson to make him aware of Adrianna's drug problem. Adrianna denies using drugs and her mother refuses to believe it too. Harry warns her that she faces expulsion if caught using drugs. She threatens a lawsuit and flounces out of the office with her daughter in tow.

She is seen again when Naomi is at Adrianna's house, and she tells Naomi what a shame it is that a cute girl like her isn't trying to be an actress. Naomi just looks uncomfortable, She also tells Naomi that Adrianna got the part in the movie so she must be out celebrating. She laughs loudly when she tells her about it, as if she landed the part herself. Bu Naomi is concerned because they were supposed to meet for "Pinkberry and shopping" and now Adrianna isn't answering her phone. Constance blows her concern off, insisting that Adrianna is fine and just out celebrating. Later that day when Adrianna comes home to tell her mom the truth and finds a surprise party, complete with a cake, streamers, and balloons. The cake is symbolic of course. Constance tells her how proud she is of her and how she couldn't tell her this before, but they were about to lose the house. They were down to their last $300.00 in the bank. Adrianna's movie has saved them financially. Adrianna looks horrified, scared and defeated.

After Adrianna almost died from an overdose she is brought to a rehab center by Constance. Adriana says that she does not want to be there and that they can't afford the treatment because it is one of the more exclusive ones in the area. Constance says that it is all taken care of and that she only cares about her getting better. In Help Me, Rhonda, Louise Collins, Ty's mother shows up at Adriana's house. Constance walks out and the two finally meet. The three ladies sit down and she realizes that Adriana is pregnant. Adriana tells her mom that Ty's parents are willing to pay for the spa and the adoption. Adriana says she is just unsure about the part of the contract where she can't talk about it afterward. Louise asks if Adriana asks if she thinks she is actually responsible enough to be a mother. Constance says Adriana has been bringing home a paycheck since she was 5. She also says that Adriana had a drug problem, but she kicked it. She says the decision to keep the baby is Adriana's and no one else's.

Louise asks Adriana if she wants her baby to have a better life than she had. Constance then kicks Louise out and tells Adriana she needs time to think. Constance apologizes for being a crappy mom. Adriana says she did a great job. Adriana says the only thing is that sometimes she feels more like an ATM than a daughter. She says she understands why she didn't tell her about the baby. She then tells Adriana that they are in it together. Navid wants to move in with Adrianna to raise the baby and Constance tells Navid he can stay as long as he helps out. Adrianna says she is surprised her mom was the parent that came through for them.

Season 2

Constance asks Adrianna why she hasn't spoken to her agent in a while. Constance says that she called and got her an audition for a television pilot. She says that if Adrianna doesn't try out, her agent will drop her.

Season 3

Constance tell Adrianna that the paparazzi are back. Adrianna is splashed all over the tabloids, and none of it is good. She thinks Adrianna should sell her story. The record label wants their advance back, plus she still owes a fortune on the house she rented. Adrianna doesn't know how she'd go about it, since her publicist isn't even returning her calls. Constance says not to worry. One of the tabloids is interested. The next day she approaches Navid, it's urgent she speak with Adrianna immediately. She tried to move her funds to her mom's bank account to protect them from seizure, but she didn't sign a paper and the bank won't move the funds without her signature. Her funds are vulnerable. Navid knows she's in Ojai. He offers to bring the papers to her.