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Comic Relief This is the 13th episode of the Eight Season of Beverly Hills, 90210


At Donna's urging, Kelly returns to modeling for a few days shoot and later calls Dr. Monahan on his "alleged" conduct. Meanwhile, David gets a new job at a car wash and tries to help a troubled, gay, teenage co-worker, named Ben, who's tormented by the other co-workers and shunned by his conservative parents. Steve takes the stage on comedy night at the Peach Pit After Dark to impress Carly. Also, Brandon finds Emma almost irresistible who's determined to bag him, while an unsuspecting Kelly stands by. Also, Valerie schemes with David to make Noah and Donna jealous by making it seem that they are having an affair, but it doesn't work due to David's lack of lying skills.




  • Angel Boris Reed as Emma Bennett
  • Esteban Powell   as Ben Wester
  • Jennifer Savidge  as Mrs. Wester
  • Christopher Curry as Jerry Westerr
  • Rainbow Borden   as Joe
  • Lance Christopher as Dougie


"Semi-Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind

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