Colleen Patterson (Beth Toussaint and Stacy Haiduk)

Colleen Patterson, played by Beth Toussaint (first season) and Stacy Haiduk (fifth season), is a recurring character seen on Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity, originally appearing in the first season.

Colleen was introduced as an ex-girlfriend of Jake Hanson's, and was initially presented with a generally sensitive and collected demeanor. (Also was married to a wealthy man) She eventually contacted Jake and revealed that they had a young son named David. Colleen wanted to maintain the familial stability in David's life, and asked Jake to sign away his parental rights so that her husband, the only father David had ever known, could legally adopt David. . Jake met the boy, keeping his own identity a secret, and agreed that David's present life was best for him.

When Jake visited her years later, Colleen revealed that she was getting a divorce. At this stage, the character, now portrayed by Stacy Haiduk, had developed a somewhat feistier and bolder personality, and is living a more middle-class life - much similar to Jake's. The two shared a kiss, but restrained themselves from exploring their feelings any further. Jake also spent time bonding with David, who told Jake "I know who you are" and confessed that he had been angry at Jake, but was not any more.

Months later, Colleen and David visited Jake at Melrose Place. Eventually, Colleen reunited with Jake romantically, and Jake left town to live with her and their son.