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Colin Robbins
General Information
Birth date





Graham Robbins (father)


Kelly Taylor
Valerie Malone

Series information

Beverly Hills, 90210

Portrayed by

Jason Wiles

First episode

Home Is Where the Tart Is

Last episode

You Say It's Your Birthday: Part 2

Colin Robbins, played by Jason Wiles, is a recurring character seen on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Colin was a New York artist who met Kelly during her internship in New York and then moved to L.A. to begin a relationship with her. He was an old friend of Valerie's and his lifestyle was secretly supported by gallery owner Claudia Van Eyck in exchange for "favors". He ended this relationship after Kelly discovered it and broke up with him. They reunited in the next episode after he promised to get a job and support himself. He also had a cocaine problem, which eventually became a habit for Kelly as well. Once Kelly hit bottom and entered rehab, Colin attempted to maintain their relationship by also dropping his addiction, but Kelly broke up with him so she could recover.

After being dumped by Kelly, Colin began a relationship with Valerie, who often served as a backer for his artwork. Colin again became entangled in dealings with his cocaine connection, Danny Five, and was arrested.

He later jumped bail after Valerie posted her club assets for his bond, but was tracked down by Steve Sanders and Brandon Walsh and sent to prison to serve his sentence of at least two years in prison for drug possession and fleeing arrest.

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