Christine before she was killed

Christine Denton, played by Susan Walters, was a recurring character introduced in Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. She appeared in season 6.

Christine was a former Marine who was romantically involved with Kyle McBride during the Gulf War. She, along with Kyle and Nick Reardon, formed a trio known as the Three Musketeers with the squad. During an attack from the Iraqis, Christine was blown up and killed by a bomb, which devastated Kyle.


The Three Musketeers

Years later, Taylor McBride and Nick Reardon would hire a woman named Tiffany Hart to pose as a miraculously alive Christine in order to cause trouble between Kyle and his bride-to-be, Amanda Woodward. However, it would eventually be discovered that Christine had actually died in the war.