Charlie Rollins is a recurring character on Season 5 of FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Jeffrey King.


Charlie was introduced as a belligerent member of Dylan McKay's rehab group. He resented Dylan not sitting with the group and wearing a Rolling Stones hat, citing that it made him want to get high. Dylan and Charlie exchanged heated words during group therapy and created a hostile environment. However, Charlie eventually admitted to Dylan he liked conflict and respected Dylan for standing up to him before borrowing his Rolling Stones hat to face his demons.

Charlie was the manager of the Palm Wind Motel, where Dylan came to visit him and discovered that Andrea Zuckerman was having an affair with Peter Tucker.

Charlie and Dylan worked on a screenplay together, eventually going to Palm Springs to meet with a potential investor, Tom Rose. But the deal never happened when Rose threatened Dylan after Dylan learned that he may have had some involvement in Jack McKay's supposed death. Dylan left Charlie at Rose's estate and Charlie was never featured again on the show.