Charles Clark is a recurring character on Season 1 of CW teen soap 90210. He is portrayed by James Patrick Stuart.


Charles is the father of Naomi and Jen Clark. He is currently dating a woman named Gail McKinney.


In the premiere he gave a speech for Naomi during her sweet sixteen birthday party. In Lucky Strike Naomi is outside of school waiting for her father to pick her up to fly to Vegas. When he gets there though, he cancels Naomi trip to Vegas he tells her he can't go. He has a big merger at work and can't leave, but the new Mercedes-Benz he's driving is for her to make up for him not going. He hops in the other car with her mom and leaves before he can notice the tears shining in his daughter's eyes. Later that day he is spotted having an affair by Naomi. The next day Naomi and her parents are outside their home posing for their Christmas photographs.When she confronts her mother she discovers she already knew and has known for a long time. He and his wife decide to get divorced, so he can be with Gail. After that Tracy becomes depressed so Naomi calls Charles to help her. Meanwhile, Naomi and her father are standing outside of Tracy's bedroom door. Through the door, Tracy tells her "forget it, I'm not cooking." Naomi opens the door and is shocked to see her mother out of bed and dressed to kill. "How bout we eat out instead?" Charles looks surprised to see his wife up and about considering Naomi told him her mother couldn't get out bed. Naomi tells her father that his presence must've inspired her mom. Naomi heads out of the room, and Mr. Clark tells his soon-to-be ex-wife that she looks good. She slaps him and goes in for another but he catches her hand mid-slap. There's a charged moment between the two and then they fall into bed together.

In Model Behavior He takes Naomi and Gail out to get along. At dinner, Naomi gets not-so-subtle digs in about her father. Gail tries to reassure Naomi that she and her father have great communication. Naomi wonders if that means he's admitted to her that he's still sleeping with his wife. Her father is furious with her, but Gail is even angrier with him. She gets up and leaves. After scolding Naomi, he too leaves. The next Naomi sets up Charles and Tracy believing that the upcoming show could help fix her parents' marital mess, but it only makes matters worse.

After Naomi gets arrested for drug dealing at school she and her father are talking to his lawyer, conferring on Naomi's case. The lawyer warns that unless Adrianna confesses, Naomi could be looking at a conviction that could prevent her from getting into college, or getting a job, and she may even spend some time in jail.

Naomi comes home and finds a woman standing on her dining room table. Charles, Naomi's father, says that her mother is laying low in New York after she found out that the young man that she thought was her son turned out to be a scammer that took her for two hundred thousand dollars. Charles says that they are going to sell the house and that she will live at the beach house with him and Gail, his girlfriend. Naomi gets ready at her dad's beach house. Gail says that she was woken up at 3 am by a hair dryer. Naomi says that she takes showers at night and doesn't want to sleep with wet hair. Charles tells Naomi to treat Gail nicely. Naomi pretends that she is happy that she is there, Naomi goes to her old home to pick up some clothes. As she walks up the stairs, she sees a pile of clothes on the ground and hears her dad making love to the real estate agent. Naomi quickly leaves before her dad notices that she is there.Naomi meets with Charles and tells him that she wants to stay at a hotel suite. Naomi says that she went by the house the other day to pick up a pair of jeans and caught him sleeping with the real estate agent.

Charles gets caught in a sexual scandal after being accused for harassing a mother of one of Noami´s classmates. In The Dionysian Debacle Naomi is trying to work things out with her father. Naomi says the only compromise they could come to was that she stay with them until her dad's trial is over. His elder daughter Jen arrive to Beverly Hills and tells Charles she is going to take care of Naomi.


Tracy Clark

Charles used to be married to Naomi's mother Tracy Clark. After Tracy found out that one of Charles many affairs was actually serious she separates from him. They later hook up later on in the season.

Gail McKinney

Gail is Charles former mistress, now girlfriend. They are living together at the family beach house. Gail is presumably faithful to Charles and trusts him, and is chocked and enraged by the discovery of his one night stand with his ex-wife Tracy. Charles is not faithful to her, which is revealed when Naomi catches Charles having sex with the real estate agent.