Casa Walsh is the residential house on FOX drama soap Beverly Hills, 90210.


The original residents of the villa were Jim and Cindy Walsh and their children, Brandon and Brenda. The house was specially rented to the Walsh family by Jim's company in order to accommodate the family's sudden move to Beverly Hills. The Walshes lived in the house from 1990–1995, but allowed Brandon to continually rent the house as an adult following their departure for Hong Kong.

While the Walsh family lived in Beverly Hills, their home became a refuge for friends of Brandon and Brenda who struggled with neglect from their own parents, notably Kelly, Steve and Dylan. As fences were mended, Jim and Cindy befriended Jackie, Samantha and the other parents of the gang and many holidays would naturally end up being spent in the house. At the end of the series, Steve Sanders, a Walsh family friend, lived in the home with his wife Janet and their daughter Madeline.



Brenda Walsh


Jim and Cindy Walsh


Brandon Walsh


Dylan McKay


Valerie Malone


Steve Sanders


Kelly Taylor


Sophie Burns


Noah Hunter
Matt Durning


Janet Sosna-Sanders
Madeline Sanders


  • In The Green Room, the address was listed as 933 Hillcrest Drive, but is later changed to 953 Hillcrest Drive.[1] [2]
  • In the 1960s, Wendy Edwards, her brother Will and their parents Dr. and Mrs. Edwards lived in the house.[3]


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