Cahuenga is the tenth episode of the new Melrose Place series. The epsidoe premiered on November 17, 2009 on The CW.


Ella and Caleb are stunned when agency owner Amanda Woodward walks into WPK and immediately fires half the staff, including Caleb. Amanda makes it clear to Ella that the Anton V launch party with Riley better go off without a hitch or Ella can vacate her office too. Meanwhile, Auggie finally succumbs to Violet’s flirtatious ways and David asks Lauren out on a date. 


Riley races Jonah to the newsstand. They open up a magazine and find Riley's picture in the Anton V. ad. They see a bus drive by with Riley's picture on the side. Jonah tells the clerk he wants to buy all of the magazines.

Caleb tells Ella that Riley is gorgeous. He instructs her to keep Riley close by. He explains it is direct orders from New York. Amanda arrives and announces the Los Angeles branch is drowning and the office is pathetic. Caleb says he is still establishing new client relationships. Amanda tells Caleb that his focus shifted, then fires him.

Back at the apartment, David tells Lauren it is too early to be awake and exercising. Lauren says he should blame Los Angeles since it has no seasons. David asks Lauren to go out with him for an classical music concert. Lauren says she has a lot going on right now. They both get text messages from Violet informing them that Auggie is in jail. David visits Auggie and asks him why his blood was on the knife. Auggie says he found him out cold in Sydney's bed with the knife in his hand. He suspects someone framed him. David suspects Michael set him up. David promises to post bail and find out who killed Sydney.

Ella meets with Amanda in her office. She tells Amanda she was inspired by her work. Amanda says she knows about her family life. Ella says Anton V. wanted Riley to have an ordinary girl image, but Amanda says she is boring. She gives Ella a bio script for Riley to read during Anton's event, but Ella says none of the lines are true. After Amanda threatens to replace her, Ella says she will do what she wants.  Ella visits Riley and Jonah. Riley says she read the bio she sent her and it is all lies. Riley says she is not a stereotype. Ella says the office is going through some changes and she is afraid she might be fired. Ella asks her to lie in order to protect her job. Ella says if Riley doesn't fulfill all of her publicity obligations, Riley won't get paid. Riley tells Jonah she wants to go to the Anton V. party and is willing to stretch the truth this one time.

David goes to his father's house and finds Vanessa in the back yard. He explains he wanted to see his father, but she says he is in Rome. Vanessa says she filed a restraining order against him after Noah got hurt. David says Michael was sleeping with Sydney up until he killed her. He advises she leave with Noah, but she tells him to leave.

Caleb meets with Ella on the street. She says there is no reason for Amanda to be there. He informs her that Amanda has been asking about her. Ella is surprised the president of WPK is inquiring about her. He suggests she get out of the company. Ella says she is dedicated to Amanda and the company. Riley comes home and asks Jonah to fix her a mojito. Everyone is surprised after Auggie arrives. He explains David posted his bail. Jonah tells him the police raided his apartment. Jonah exclaims he is not a murderer, but sees that everyone has their doubts. Everyone excuses themselves to get ready for the event. Auggie returns to his apartment and cleans up. Violet tells Auggie it is obvious he is not a killer. Auggie advises she not hang out with him. Violet says if he doesn't want her hanging around, she gets it. She says she figures he is not into her. Auggie explains he lefts since he got in a fight with Marcello. Violet says she was hoping to get a phone call. Auggie suggests they remain friends.

Jonah and Riley arrive at the event. Jonah is shocked to see her picture plastered on the walls. Ella grabs Riley and introduces her to the crowd. The paparazzi ask Jonah to step away as they photograph Riley. A reporter asks her questions about her harsh life. Amanda signals to Ella to take Riley away.

David and Auggie figure Michael was hiding something where Vanessa would not look. David figures there is something hidden in Michael's car. As he searches, Vanessa returns home. After she enters her house, David finds a ziplock containing a bloody necklace. David remembers the necklace was worn by Sydney when she died.  Riley tells Ella she is worried her students will find out she is lying about her life. Amanda congratulates Ella for her work. Lauren walks in and congratulates Riley. Riley says the whole night is a superficial fantasy. After Lauren asks where David is, Riley realizes she likes him. Lauren admits she has a small crush on David. She explains with her workload, she can't have a relationship with him. Ella meets with Melissa Sax, who is a talent agent. Ella is surprised that Melissa knows all about her. She tells her she is talented and wasting her time with Amanda's company. She offers her a corner office in her agency. She invites her to talk at a quiet place. After Ella sees that Amanda is preoccupied and Riley is under control, she goes to the back of the club with Melissa, where they immediately begin kissing. Melissa suggests to Ella she join a company where her talents will be respected. Ella says she is on the clock. Although Melissa suggests her to quit, Ella says she doesn't want to burn any bridges.

Lauren returns home and discovers her apartment has been decorated with leaves to simulate fall. David says he flew in Skyline Chili from her hometown. Lauren realizes that David broke in her apartment. David pulls a string which causes leaves to fall. They start to undress while they kiss. Lauren pushes David off her and says she can't continue. David assures her there is no rush. He suggests they eat dinner before it gets cold.

Riley gives Jonah a kiss. A reporter from Vogue tells Riley she is writing a story about Anton's campaign. She tells her she know her students look up to her. Riley says she teaches her students to be truthful, but not the role model she thinks she is. Ella tries to stop Riley as she announces the truth about her life being raised in a privileged home. Amanda informs Ella that the Vogue reporter is going to right a negative piece about Anton's campaign. Amanda thanks Melissa for her work. Melissa says Ella past her test with flying colors.

At the courtyard, Auggie asks Riley to talk alone, but Jonah says he doesn't think so. Auggie says the police got an anonymous tip and figures she told them where he was. Auggie says he wanted her to trust him. Jonah says Riley is not the one who has a criminal history. Auggie asks Riley to tell him she thinks he killed Sydney. Auggie gets upset, but Jonah pushes him away. After they leave, Auggie grabs a liquor bottle.

Violet finds Auggie sitting next to a bottle of liquor. She tells him he doesn't need to drink. Auggie since he is going to jail, it doesn't matter. He takes the bottle and tries to open it. Violet takes off her top and suggests he do something else to get things off his mind.

Ella meets with Amanda at a restaurant. Amanda tells her not to get comfortable. She asks her what her end game is. Ella says she wants to be like her. Amanda says it is a lofty goal for someone who can't handle a simple babysitting task. Amanda tells her she needs to prove she puts her work above her friends. She advises she go to the school and tell the principal that Riley used sick days to go on a photo shoot. Ella says if that is what it takes to be her, she doesn't want to do it.

At home, Riley gets a call from the school principal. She tries to apologize for taking the sick days, but is fired from her job. She explains to Jonah that the principal used sick days to get a higher paying job. She says she is worried since they have no source of income. Jonah suggests he take a job with his uncle.

Ella overhears that Riley was fired and is surprised that Amanda made the call. She sees David and tells him she is surprised how romantic he was. David tells Ella he found Sydney's necklace in Michael's car. Ella doubts that Michael would leave evidence in the car. Amanda enters Sydney's apartment and opens a hidden wall safe. Inside she finds a letter addressed to her. She reads a note that says she will never find what she is looking for.




Guest StarringEdit

  • Victor Webster as Caleb
  • Wendy Glenn as Melissa Saks
  • Burnadean Jones as Vogue Reporter


  • David: You know, take the blinders off for a second, Vanessa. My father's a killer. Yeah, he had every reason in the world to want Sydney dead. He was sleeping with her right up until she died. She was going to tell you.
  • Vanessa: Michael would never do something like that to his family.
  • David: Says who, my dad? He's an egomaniac. The second that Syd threatened to destroy his career, he killed her. If you want to be a good mother to Noah, I'd put him in the car and drive him out of L.A. as fast as you can.
  • Vanessa: Get off my property.
  • David: My pleasure.

  • Ella: Riley's punishment was not getting her ten grand. Why torture her? What does she matter to WPK?
  • Amanda: She doesn't matter to all. But she matters to you. So if you plan on staying around for more than a week, you need to show me that you are capable of putting your work above of everything else, including your friendships. Call the school. Tell them what she did.
  • Ella: Miss Woodward, if that's what it takes to be you, then I'm sorry. I guess I'm not interested.

  • Melissa: (referring to Ella) I gave her the apple but she didn't bite. She may be young and idealistic but she's loyal, Amanda. She's cute, too.
  • Amanda: Yeah, well, so are puppies.
  • Melissa: She passed your little test with flying colors. So I guess now we're even.

  • Caleb: (referring to Amanda) Don't you get it? That woman will get inside your head and make you do things that you never dreamed that you would do.
  • Ella: That woman is the reason why I don't take vacation days, okay? She's the reason why I can count all my closest friends on one hand and the reason why I spend all my money on shoes. This is where it all pays off, Caleb.
  • Caleb: It's your ass, Ella.


  • You Got Me" by Colbie Caillat
  • "Now I'm That Bitch" by Livvi Franc
  • "Real Woman" by Chrissy
  • "Bitches" by Morningwood
  • "Not Like Me" by Friska Viljor
  • "Morning After Dark" by Timbaland ft. Nelly Furtado & SoShy
  • "Sin Coming In" by darkblue World
  • "Sunny Day" by Joy Williams
  • "Ballad Of A Broken Heart" by Shane Drasin, Jesse Glick, Kurt W. Farquhar
  • "Replay" by Iyaz
  • "She's Outta This World" by Sam Conjerti Jr.
  • "Stripper Pole" by Selectracks
  • "Evacuate The Dancefloor" by Cascada
  • "Love (Bost & Bim Remix)" by Rosey
  • "Come On" by Sarah Leichtenberg



  • David: (to Lauren) Friday night, orchestra section. A little wine, a little Rachmaninoff. What do you say?
  • Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) was a Russian composer and pianist. He was one of the last of the prominent composers of the Russian Romanticism era in classical music.
  • Ella: Ooh, hot for teacher! Riley, you look fantastic!
  • This is a reference to the Van Halen song "Hot for Teacher" from the band's sixth album, 1984.