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Burke Cahill was a fictional character on the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. He appeared in the Season 2 episode A Competitive Edge.

Burke was an athlete on the West Beverly Hills High School track team. He is considered by Mr. Chapman to be the best athlete on his team. He led a charge to give Brandon Walsh a wedgie when Brandon wrote bad things about the team.

He had a scheme in motion to distribute steroids to the team to improve their performance. He pulled Steve Sanders into his "Power Pack", which included Tony Miller and Kyle Conners, suggesting Steve recruit Brandon.

When Mr. Chapman threatened to forfeit the whole season due to steroid use, Burke thought laying low would work, while Tony Miller wanted to threaten Steve and Brandon due to him believing them to be the source for the expose in The Blaze.

Burke later threatened Steve, trying to force him to take the fall for the steroids, but Kyle finally fessed up and admitted his guilt. Burke was later punished by Chapman.

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