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Dr. Brett Cooper, played by Linden Ashby, was a character introduced in the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity, arriving in the sixth season.

Melrose Place

He was called Coop, was a surgeon, and was married to Lexi Sterling twice.

While first married to Lexi, Brett had an affair with Dr. Kimberly Shaw, who he'd fallen for while helping her recover from a car crash. After his marriage to Lexi ended, Brett moved to Los Angeles and eventually began seeing Megan Lewis. However, he soon learned that Lexi's rich father had left him an inheritance, which he could only receive by remarrying her. Brett initially declined, but later discovered that Lexi had been set up to take the fall in her father's embezzlement scheme, and needed five million dollars as a result. To help solve this problem, he entered a platonic marriage with Lexi, and both claimed the inheritance.

In time, Lexi managed to seduce Brett, which prompted Megan to leave him. Highly resentful, Brett lured Lexi on a sailing trip and attempted to kill her during a storm. However, Megan—who'd secretly followed along after growing suspicious—appeared and managed to save Lexi's life.

Brett then departed town, leaving the two women to become friends.

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