The Beverly Hills Royale Hotel was seen throughout the Beverly Hills, 90210 series. We first see it in season 1 (The Green Room), when it was called The Bel Age Hotel.

The audience found out that Dylan McKay comes from money, and lived within the hotel. Various guests come and go from the hotel through the years, and in later seasons we see Dylan return. . .even Gina Kincaid gets a room at the Beverly Royale Hotel. It is also the destination for Steve and Janet's wedding reception.

The hotel is also featured in some Melrose Place episodes, most notably in the episode where Charles Reynolds came to town to see his wife, Jo Reynolds, although it was featured sporadically throughout the show.

It also popped up in Models Inc. during the time where Carrie Spencer was parading around with a lover at the hotel passing herself off as Hillary Michaels.

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