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Beth Nielsen was a fictional character on the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. She appeared in the episode The Back Story.

Beth was a reporter for a KTMB TV show called Back Story. Initially approaching the kids to talk about the pressures of the SAT, she started to interview Brenda Walsh when Steve Sanders entered and stopped the interview. He and Beth exchanged words because Back Story ran a hatchet job on Steve's mother, Samantha Sanders. Steve threatened to break her microphone and camera if he ever saw it again. Beth was really annoyed with his behavior. Beth then wished Brenda luck on the test.

She later approached Brenda about doing a story on ordinary kids in an extraordinary community, citing that she had nothing to do with the story on Samantha. Brenda gave an interview on her friends, which was mostly positive, but it ended up airing as a hatchet job making everyone look bad. Beth's producer forced her to manipulate Brenda's footage.

After the broadcast aired, all of Brenda's friends turned against her. Beth quit her job and found Brandon Walsh, who took her to the school to explain to everyone what happened. She turned over the tape of the real interview to Kelly Taylor and cleared up the bad vibes between the gang.

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