Ben Sosna is a recurring character on Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by James Shigeta.


Ben is the father of Janet Sosna. He is very traditional in his beliefs and opposed to Janet dating Steve Sanders because Steve isn't Japanese. In season 10, after Steve and Janet invited the Ben and his wife Michelle to dinner, Ben refused to even sit down with them once he learned Janet was pregnant and they announced their impending wedding. Ben and Michelle then tried to talk Janet into moving back home, but Steve and Janet were determined to get married. When they met Steve's family, Rush Sanders and his ex-wife's girlfriend got into an argument, which infuriated Ben and caused them to leave again.

At Christmas, Steve and Janet ran into Ben and Michelle at a Christmas tree lot. Ben and Michelle both seemed to soften at the sight of their granddaughter, Madeline Sanders. Steve later confronted the Sosnas at their house. he told them that he wasn't going to let them be part of Madeline's life if they were just going to go away if they didn't like something she did, much like they did Janet. He invited them to Christmas and told them it would be their last chance. They showed up on Christmas to visit Madeline and Janet.