The Beach House is a prominent home setting on FOX drama soap Beverly Hills, 90210.

About Edit

Donna, David and Kelly decide to move in together at the beginning of their freshman year of college. David finds the apartment by the beach and talks the girls into choosing it for their new abode. David moves out sophomore year of college and Clare Arnold moves in. Kelly, Donna, and Clare become a close trio. After Clare leaves for Paris, Carly Reynolds briefly moves in with her son, Zack, before they leave for Colorado. In 1999, Janet Sosna moves in before she and Steve marry. It is a large building housing spacious beach front apartments, some of which contain three bedrooms

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The apartment is on the second floor of a a three-condo house, with a porch overlooking the ocean. One entrance is on the beach side, on at the back of the house. The combined living room and kitchen faces the ocean. There are three bedrooms.

Tenants Edit


Donna Martin


Kelly Taylor


David Silver


Clare Arnold


Tara Marks


Carly Reynolds
Zach Reynolds


Gina Kincaid


Kelly Taylor


Janet Sosna
Noah Hunter
Matt Durning

Trivia Edit

  • The address, according to Donna's checkbook, was 1610 Lighthouse Rd. Apt. 4, University Beach, CA 90412

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