Atoosa Shirazi is played by Fabiana Udenio is a recurring character introduced in 90210, the fourth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Character OverviewEdit

She is Navid Shirazi mother, She is seemingly unaware of her husband's illegal activity and is proud of her son in season three when he brings in honest money after his father left for Iran.


Season 1Edit

She first appear when Adrianna was visiting Navid so his parents invite her over dinner, during the dinner Omar says that he is happy to finally meet her then he introduces Adriana to his Atoosa and a several members of her extended family who are gathered in the living room.

In The Dionysian Debacle when Adrianna and Navid arrive for dinner with her and Omar. She asks Adrianna how she's been. Adrianna smiles and reveals her pregnant belly, causing Navid's mom to drop a vase of flowers. Navid's parents are upset and Navid tells them they are getting married. The two go through the statements that Navid predicted they would say. They eventually accept Navid's decision to raise his baby. Navid tells them that the baby isn't actually his and they refuse to let him raise the baby. Navid takes Adrianna aside and gives her a hug. Navid's parents tell him he can't get married and raise Adrianna's baby. They tell him he can still date her, but they won't allow them to get married. In The Party`s Over during Adrianna baby shower she tells Adrianna that they are not ready for this and if they can wait a couple of days to be sure.

Season 2Edit

In And Away They Go! she and her husband are at the hospital visiting Navid after he was pushed down the stairs.

Season 3Edit

She and Omar are supporting Navid during the achievement awards at West Bev. in that episode Navid finds out that his father is using underage girls in his movies. The next day Navid is having breakfast with his father and talks to him about the underage girl of his school working in one of his porn movies and tells Navid that he is going to take care of it and the girl will be fire.

In They're Playing Her Song Navid gets home and finds his family sitting on the steps. His dad's been in with the lawyers all day,his mother tell him that his father could go to jail. In Revenge with the Nerd she meet with Navid for breakfast. The waiter recognizes their name and asks if they are related to the "kiddy porn" guy. Navid says no, but it put a distinct damper on their morning.Then she asks Navid how school was today. He says it was great, and gives her a gift. It's a framed $10 bill. That's how much they made after the expenses of the video they shot yesterday. Shirazi 2.0. She's so proud of him