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Anthony Marchette, played by Stanley Kamel, is a recurring character seen on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Anthony, a wealthy man with business in land development, casinos, and ties to criminal activity, ran a business called 'Marchette Financial Services'. Marchette was frequently accompanied by Bruno, his bodyguard, to protect him from outside enemies.

According to Jack's cell mate, Marchette was behind an attempt to kill Jack McKay. Via a car bomb, the attempt initially appeared to succeed. In reality, however, the F.B.I. had intervened, and Jack was placed into the Witness Protection Program.

Jack's son Dylan, initially unaware of his father's survival, used his resources to seek out Anthony years later. While planning action against Marchette, Dylan met and eventually fell in love with Anthony's daughter Toni. Later, Toni learned of Anthony's involvement in Jack's supposed death, which strained her relationship with her father. In time, Dylan and Toni were married, with plans to leave Beverly Hills. Shortly before they could depart, however, Anthony hired a couple of hitmen to kill Dylan, though the men accidentally shot Toni instead.

In a private area at Toni's funeral, Anthony handed over a gun and told Dylan to shoot him. Dylan ultimately refused, resisting the temptation, and walked away after saying that the killing was over. Years later, Dylan learned that Anthony had committed suicide while grieving over Toni. However, he had moved Toni's grave away before he had died so that Dylan would never find her.

Stanley Kamel also played Bruce Teller on Melrose Place.

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