Ty & Annie are a romance on 90210 (Season 1) of CW teen soap 90210. They are portrayed by Adam Gregory and Shenae Grimes.


After breaking up with her boyfriend from Kansas, Annie meets Ty when he was singing in one of the classrooms, Ty asks Annie on date and takes her to San Francisco which leaves Annie impressed, at the end of the episode they both share a kiss, Ty keeps on showing his interest in Annie, but she turn him down to go out with Ethan, but realizes that she made a huge mistake and asks him for a second chance, their relationship keeps growing as they share the same interest and spend a lot of time on the Spring Awakening play at the school.

After the premiere of the play Annie is ready to have sex with Ty because he got a room at the Roosevelt Hotel, when Annie goes to the room and finds Adrianna in a towel faking that Ty slept with her, believing that he has cheated on her with Adrianna, they break-up. Adrianna ends up coming clean to Ty but at the fashion show, they both agree it's better to stay friends. Their hands linger on eachother and Ty gives Annie a look, but walks away.


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