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The romantic relation ship between annie and jasper starts in episode 'Unmasked' and ends in 'Girl Fight!'

Annie and Jasper

Annie and Jasper started dating when Annie was the person who hit and run Jasper's uncle Joe Herman. At this point Annie is fighting with Naomi (and friends) due to them thinking she slept with Liam, Naomi's boyfriend at the time. Jasper saw that she was vulnerable and took advantage of this. (She felt guilty about his uncle.) Jasper and Annie's relationship is very strange and they isolate themselves from everyone. He is very manipulative and towards Annie and she is told many times he is not good for her. This causes her to lie to her parents and become dishonest.

Jasper goes as far as to even use the fact that she was the hit and run on her uncle against her, knowing all along. After they break up!>Annie finds out jasper is a drug dealer and questions him.After they break up Jasper tries to kill himself, because Annie doesn't want to be with him anymore. They break up and never get back together. This leads into Annie's romance with Liam.

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