Well, I have fundamental ideological problems with teenage social rituals that basically do nothing but exacerbate fear of total insecurity and inferiority over one's appearance while frenetically exploiting and I must add, distorting, the feminine ideal
—Like a boss[src]
Andrea Zuckerman is a principal character on Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Gabrielle Carteris.


Andrea is a dedicated high school student at West Beverly, who also serves as the editor of the West Beverly Blaze – the school newspaper. Engaging in a plethora of extra credit programmes and volunteering, the girl living out of district is set on reaching her goal of an academic scholarship to Yale University. Andrea is incredibly sweet and has a big heart; she is also a very logical person, which leads to her feeling socially awkward and therefore adopting a more shy nature when trying to talk to other students.

Her logical nature can leave her very blunt in her emotional expression, but she finds acceptance and a sense of self in her relationships with the gang. Her close friendship with Brandon Walsh, although their relationship is never truly platonic, changes her course somewhat – for the better – as Andrea starts engaging in the high school social life and makes friends for life.

West Beverly


Andrea spends her time at West Beverly working toward academic stardom and has little time for anything – or one – else. The down-to-earth nature of the Minnesota twins has a deep effect on a number of students, but Andrea's lifestyle is immediately altered by Brandon Walsh's presence in her life. After initially assuming he is superficial, Brandon makes an effort to explain his behaviour to Andrea and accidentally learns of Andrea's family situation, with her living out of district and he is there for her[1], the two of them developing a close bond. While maintaining they're just friends, they have an undeniable chemistry, which neither seem willing to act upon for a year.


Brenda and Andrea at the Rap Line Center

Andrea begins to lessen her at times intense black-and-white behaviour towards others and starts opening up to the possibility of making friends at her school. This starts with Brenda, who Brandon encourages to include Andrea in a mother-daughter fashion show, hosted by Kelly's mother. While Brenda is reluctant at first, she quickly finds that they all get along well. Andrea provides a different perspective on Kelly's difficult home life when she tells Kelly that she considers her amazing, for leading the life she leads while taking on such an adult responsibility, which she shouldn't have to deal with. When Brenda later wishes to do something fulfilling in Beverly Hills, Brandon sets her up with Andrea, who works at a teen helpline.


Andrea with the girls at Brenda's house

This brings Andrea closer to Brenda, although the two think they are very different people, they find that they actually have a lot in common when it comes to what's real in life. They work together to save a girl[2] and the experience brings about a bond that is furthered when Brenda invites Andrea over for a slumber party with the other girls[3], where Andrea also becomes closer to the other girls. Andrea and Kelly especially find new understanding for one another, allegedly two people on the opposite ends of the high school social strata spectrum. Though socially awkward and frequently nerve-wracked that she won't be included, Andrea continues to take chances in her social life, ending up studying with Steve Sanders – and unexpectedly they make out[4].


Andrea and Brandon continue to grow closer, both hesitant to act on their strong attraction to one another. This hesitancy results in them not going to the Spring Fling together and Brandon accepting Kelly's proposal to go as friends, which leaves Andrea incredibly jealous. After she has a Carrie-esque dream of bringing a chain saw to the dance to attack 'Spring Princess' Kelly, Andrea realises the dance does mean a great deal to her and decides to attend, finding that the group of friends is growing ever stronger and that she is very much an important part of it. Kelly gives Andrea her Spring Princess crown[5]


Andrea and Brandon get together

When Jim announces the Walshes will be returning to Minnesota, Andrea tells Brandon they should sleep together, creating a lasting memento of their bond as he leaves. Their plans at the The Peach Pit are thwarted by Kelly (who knew about their plans) throwing the Walsh family a farewell party. Andrea and Brandon are startled, but also mutually backtrack their plans as if the intervention was a sign of sorts[6]. Due to the outpouring of love, Jim reconsiders and the Walshes remain in Beverly Hills.

summer 1991


Andrea and Brenda's friendship grows stronger

The Blaze signs out for the summer with a meeting and cake at West Beverly, where Brandon tries to talk to Andrea about what happened between them. Brandon doesn't seem willing to immediately let go of what happened, but Andrea insists that it would be best if they just go back to being friends[7]. Andrea is tutoring kids over the summer and decides to enroll in a summer drama class, which Brenda and Donna also take. Andrea also approaches Brandon to become a big brother to a kid at the center where she tutors kids. When Brandon finds out his mother is abusive, he seeks out Andrea and together they help find Felix a solution.


Brandon hugs Andrea after Dylan saves his life

The drama class teacher, Chris Suiter, becomes romantically interested in Andrea, much to Brenda's chagrin, and they share a kiss. Andrea agrees to go on a date with him, but finds out that he has a girlfriend, with whom he is moving out to L.A. permanently. Andrea's heartbroken and throws him out. Andrea goes to the Beverly Hills Beach Club end of summer loo-ou, where Brenda comforts her and the girls reconcile their friendship. The whole gang goes on a trip to Yosemite before the end of summer, but end up stuck in a cabin during a torrential downpour.

Everyone gets on each other's nerves and starts discussing what is really important in life, when a newlywed couple next door involve the gang in their problems. Andrea argues that the meaning of life is love. After Dylan saves Brandon's life on a morning hike, unbeknownst to the group, Brandon's near-death experience reaction is to give Andrea a giant hug.



'Hello Day'

Starting her junior year, Andrea returns as the editor at The Blaze. Though she was adamant that she and Brandon should just stay friends, Andrea is visibly jealous when Brandon takes an interest in new girl Emily Valentine, who also starts working at the paper to be closer to Brandon. Although it's hard for Andrea to see Brandon with someone else, she never tells him how she really feels or changes her mind about wanting to be with him. They continue to be friends and Andrea attends the Walsh barbecue where Emily is invited, too. Later, she and Brandon watch the girls perform at 'Hello Day' together. Andrea continues to hang out with the gang, spending an evening at Casa Walsh with everyone and meeting the twins' cousin, Bobby. Brandon accidentally gets Andrea worried when he submits her work for a journalism competition and she wins, prompting an interviewer to want to visit her home, though she lives out of district.

The girls help decorate Andrea's area of her grandmother's Beverly Hills apartment, although Andrea's grandmother Rose proves another obstacle as she is tough on Andrea and refuses to lie about the situation. Brandon is especially concerned, visiting multiple times and supporting Andrea emotionally throughout the crisis. Andrea has to move in permanently with her grandmother to stay at West Beverly and she agrees to do so when she and her grandmother work through their family issues. The experience ends up bonding Andrea further with the gang as they help her and celebrate her staying at West Beverly with a cake at the Pit, showing Andrea that she has made true friends at school. Andrea and Brandon represent The Blaze in a school event to unearth a time capsule and later bury one themselves to mark the death of fellow student, Scott Scanlon.


Andrea and Steve try to 'exchange... an egg'

A while after this tragic event, Emily invites the gang to a secret underground club, and Andrea hesitates to attend, eventually agreeing saying she can write about it, but really it's because she's feeling threatened by Emily. Steve and Andrea are both late and go together, having a tough time figuring out where the location is. Steve presses Andrea about being jealous of Brandon & Emily, and he encourages her to 'stop apologising for who she is and get in the game', and Andrea reluctantly admits that she is insecure. Before Andrea can get the scoop on why the police are breaking up the party, she and Steve run into the drugged up Emily and Brandon. Brandon kisses Andrea and she freaks at his behaviour. The next day, Brandon confides in Andrea about how Emily spiked his drink and apologises to her for his behaviour. Andrea accepts and seems relieved that Emily and Brandon are over.

Once Emily starts harassing Brandon, Andrea is the first to point out that there seems to be something going on with Emily and that she needs help rather than being rejected by everyone for her behaviour. Although she's Jewish, Andrea spends Christmas with the Walsh family and her friends, and seems happy to be included and experiencing the festivities. Her and Brandon's intense friendship continues as Andrea meets a celebrity ice skating champion who she admires, but recoils upon realising Brandon is dating her. They work together to expose the use of steroids on the West Beverly track team, where Andrea puts herself in the line of fire from the jocks in order to shield Brandon from retribution.

Andrea leads the fight against the school board's unrealistic sex-ed policy by distributing free condoms at West Beverly. She and Brandon get into a fight and he calls her a hypocrite because she's never had sex, which embarrasses and hurts Andrea. Brandon later apologises for his rude behaviour and they make amends. They continue to be friends and spend time together, while Andrea's insecurity about whether or not she's really part of the gang slowly abates.

summer 1992

The summer before her senior year, Andrea volunteers as a camp counsellor for kids at Beverly Hills Beach Club. She meets a kid who's deaf while working at the beach camp and convinces his hesitant mother to allow Cameron into the camp, as Andrea knows sign language. He flourishes and his mother is incredibly grateful to Andrea. Andrea starts a relationship with former Blaze editor Jay Thurman, which everyone only learns when he shows up at the Pit for their date at the beginning of summer.


Andrea rejects Brandon the summer before senior year

When Jay invites to travel to Houston with him for the summer to attend the RNC, Andrea's ecstatic at the opportunity, but falters when Brandon (with ulterior motives) gives out to her for leaving Cameron behind, although Cameron's mother later proves to be very understanding and just grateful that her child could get that experience altogether. Andrea gets upset at Brandon, who tells her he really wants her to stay for him, because he'll miss her. Andrea's confused and Brandon kisses her, at which point her hurt becomes anger and she lashes out, saying he had his chance when she was single. Brandon attempts to change her mind anyway, but Andrea rejects him. He later apologises to her, saying he was in the wrong and she forgives him. Jay and Andrea stay together, although he leaves for Houston and later returns to Northwestern.


Andrea starts her senior year buoyant, but is angry when the new Blaze faculty advisor, Gil Meyers, suggests demoting Andrea to co-editor alongside Brandon. She accuses Gil of being sexist and fights with Brandon, telling him he is less competent to run the paper than she, who has spent all her energy in her high school career working at making it a success.

Why is it we call a male assertive and a female pushy? Why is a guy tough and a girl a bitch? What would Walt Whitman say about that?
—Andrea accuses Gil Meyers of being sexist

The situation makes Gil question his self-proclaimed feminism, fuels Brandon and Andrea's ever-growing sexual tension, but ultimately is resolved when everyone has a frank discussion about what they learned from the situation. Andrea agrees to be co-editor with Brandon and start fresh.


Andrea and Brandon at Alvarado Street School

Later in the season, when Jay breaks up with Andrea via letter, Brandon is there again, consoling her (and himself to an extent, after Nikki breaks up with him) and Andrea is offended, thinking Brandon is using her as a rebound. The two again mend fences, but later revisit the idea of sleeping together on prom night. Even though Andrea and Brandon seem to both have great passion for each other and an equal friendship and partnership, they never start a relationship in the series. At times a self-conscious Andrea became confused as to what Gil Meyers' true wishes were in regards to her future. This, combined with her general admiration for him—along with her occasionally implied attraction—created an anxiety that she sometimes found hard to control. In the end, however, it was revealed that Mr. Meyers only wanted the best for Andrea and all the students, which led them to separate on good terms.

California University



Andrea in Dan's class

Andrea wrestles with whether to attend Yale or CU, and ultimately decides, for financial reason, to give the Ivy League a miss and stay in Beverly Hills with the gang. Andrea, Kelly, Brenda, and Donna make an effort to pledge the Alpha Omega sorority. However, when Andrea was told by Leslie Sumner to downplay her Jewish heritage, Andrea is obviously offended and dropped out of the running. Leslie later apologized, stating she herself was Jewish, and they made up, though Andrea did not return to sorority life.

Andrea forged a bond with Donna Martin when they shared with one another their decision to wait to have sex. Andrea eventually has sex with her RA, Dan Rubin, which becomes a part of the issue leading to a minor tiff between her and Donna. Andrea and Brenda find themselves on opposite sides when Brenda joins a group which attempts to free animals from a CU test lab. Andrea works at the facility and feels betrayed by Brenda since the lab doesn't actually harm animals in the first place. This season shows Andrea growing closer to the girls in the 90210 gang, with the famous Kelly/Brenda/Donna trio including Andrea, who was previously mainly close friends with just Brandon and Brenda. She forges her own strong bonds with both Donna and Kelly, which last throughout the show's run.

Soon after starting her relationship with Dan Rubin, Andrea meets Jesse Vasquez at Jim and Cindy Walsh's 20th anniversary party and the two click instantly. While still technically with Dan, Andrea begins a relationship with Jesse. She breaks up with Dan who, still in love with Andrea, makes racial comments toward Jesse. Dan eventually moves out of the dorm and Jesse and Andrea continue to date. This leads to the most controversial, and unexpected, storyline development in the character's history. Andrea Zuckerman, having slept with Jesse only once without protection, soon finds that she was pregnant.


Andrea and Jesse marry

This development was designed to coincide with Gabrielle Carteris's real life pregnancy, and allowed the issue of teen pregnancy to be explored fully by using one of the series' regulars, not to mention the most unlikely member of the group. After considering an abortion, Andrea eventually decides to keep the baby, which leads to a close connection with Kelly Taylor, who helps Andrea make her decision. Andrea marries Jesse in a civil ceremony (and in one of the few times that her family is shown) and, after a short pregnancy that ends in the premature delivery of their child, she gives birth to a daughter named Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez.

UCLA sophomore and motherhood

After months in the hospital, Andrea and Jesse are finally able to take the baby girl home. Andrea's early season 5 storylines were mostly limited to minor daycare issues, and the struggles she faced as a young mother trying to juggle a new marriage, child, and keeping up her always high marks in college. The early marriage and child story, while a high point for the character a season before, began alienating her from the gang, and Andrea's character was beginning to fade into the background.

Jesse and andrea

Andrea with baby Hannah and Jesse at Halloween '94

Attempts were made during the second half of the season to inject some life into Andrea's waning story. She was thrust back into the political arena, sharing screen time once again with Brandon, a move designed to keep her more involved in campus life, and remind audiences of her once strong political passions. Her marriage was thrown into trouble when she and Jesse had difficulty getting past their religious differences; she being Jewish and he being Catholic. Later a complete physical makeover of the character was allowed; though she'd already shed the glasses a year before, Andrea's hair was suddenly blonde, and she was allowed to wear more fashion and body conscious wear, perhaps in an attempt to visually mesh her with the rest of the women on the canvas. All aspects of the once socially awkward, borderline "nerd" were now wiped clean.

Andrea is given another unexpected story when she begins to cheat on her husband with medical intern Peter Tucker, a man who tried to pick her up at the laundromat when he assumed she was little Hannah's babysitter, not her mother. She throws away the telephone number he gives her, but several episodes later, after running into him again at the laundromat, and with her marriage in serious trouble, she decides to finally call him. This begins a torrid affair, with the two sneaking around at work together, and later going as far as booking their own motel room for sex. Things come to a head for Andrea when she, along with Jesse, run into Peter and his wife Adrian, and they all end up having dinner together, at which time Andrea and Peter share a mutual fantasy that paints them as silver screen dance legends Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Andrea finally decides she is in love with Peter, and informs Peter that she plans to leave Jesse for him, and she expects him to do the same. Peter, taken aback, changes colors, and tells Andrea that he has no plans to leave his wife, and that he's happy with their "arrangement". Andrea, livid and devastated, ends the affair, and is comforted by friend Dylan McKay, who by chance had found out and confronted Andrea about the affair weeks earlier. Eventually both Andrea and Jesse confess to having an affair, he with a fellow law clerk while away on business, which seems to be the end of their year long marriage. But despite a mounting custody battle, and deeply hurt feelings, both decide that their family is worth them trying to find their way back to each other. Andrea also fulfilled a life-long goal when she was able to appear on Jeopardy! in the show's 5th season. It is suggested by the end of the episode that Andrea wins.

At the end of the season, Jesse received a clerkship at Yale Law School and Andrea decided to transfer to Yale as well to enter their pre-med program, a plot decision necessitated by Carteris' decision to leave the show. This represents a full circle arch with the character, who was shown to be pining after Yale ever since the high school years, and after she was actually admitted into the school but declined due to high tuition costs and an ailing grandmother at the time. After a tearful goodbye with her friends, she is shown finally driving off to her dreams, family in tow, as she remembers brighter days from high school.



Andrea at her 5-year high school reunion

Andrea comes back into town for Steve's 21st birthday party on the Queen Mary, which is thrown by Prince Carl (a childhood friend of Clare's). While showing photos of Hannah to Kelly, she reveals that Hannah is 2 years old and Jesse loves being at Yale.[8][9]

Andrea also returns for the gang's five-year high school reunion, where she caught up with those still in the area and met the new faces. However, all was not well back home, as she and Jesse were planning to divorce.[10] Andrea attends Donna and David's wedding, participating in Donna's bachelor party. She is divorced, but happy with her life[11].


Brandon Walsh

Main article: Brandon and Andrea

Andrea and Brandon are two journalists finding their way through high school. Andrea beings to have feelings for Brandon but Brandon does not realize this until the Season 1 finale Home Again, where Andrea offers to have sex with him. Later on, Brandon doesn't realize that he has feelings for Andrea until it's too late when Andrea realizes that she has always been at Brandon beck and call doesn't want that relationship after all.

Dan Rubin

Andrea meets Dan when she starts college and moves into the dorms at CU. There's an immediate attraction and Dan pursues Andrea, and they eventually start going out.

Jesse Vasquez

Andrea meets Jesse at the Walsh's 20th wedding anniversary. They start going out and then fall in love. They only have unprotected sex once, but Andrea discovers that she is pregnant with Jesse's baby, and they marry.

Peter Tucker

Andrea and Peter meet at a laundromat. Peter initially assumes Andrea is babysitting Hannah, but she tells him the truth once she learns he is married as well. Andrea starts seeing him because she is jealous of Jesse's female clients and lonely. Plus they are having marital issues due to their different religious beliefs. Dylan sees Andrea and Peter at the motel where they meet and confronts her about it. Andrea, embarrassed and demoralized, confides in Dylan and stops seeing Peter.


There are better ways to get popular than advertising your sexual conquests
—Andrea to Brandon[src]
Why should I be deprived of a good education, just because I am geographically undesirable
—Andrea to Brandon[src]
I'm not biased, I'm just not interested
—Andrea on rich Beverly Hills[src]
No one knows you well enough to hate you
—Andrea's political advice[src]
Why is it we call a male assertive and a female pushy? Why is a guy tough and a girl a bitch? What would Walt Whitman say about that?
—Andrea to Gil[src]
The minute someone shows a little enthusiasm, the cynics of the world get nervous


  • Andrea knows sign language and is fairly adept at Spanish[1]
  • She mentions having a sister one time, who is never seen or mentioned again[12]
  • Gabrielle Carteris was 29 when she appeared as 16-year-old Andrea.
  • Writer/producer Larry Mollin said of Carteris' pregnancy that the show DID NOT wish to pursue that storyline:
We didn’t want to do a baby. Did not want to. We certainly didn’t do the Hunter Tylo thing where [Melrose Place] asked her to get an abortion but, you know, we didn’t want to go down that road. But she got pregnant and was having the baby and there was nothing we could do [13]
  • Carteris left 90210 to host her own talk show.
  • Robin Lively turned down the part of Andrea[14]


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