Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 2

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Aloha Beverly Hills: Part 2 This is the second episode and second part of the season premiere of the Eight Season of Beverly Hills, 90210


Donna lands a job as a modeling assistant and flies to Hawaii for the photo shoot and the rest of the gang, whom include David, Brandon, Valerie, and Steve follow her there for an end-of-the summer vacation, where Valerie meets and becomes smitten with a mysterious sailor, named Noah Hunter whom tries to help Donna when the shoot goes bad. Also, Brandon's former girlfriend from his senior college year, Tracy Gaylian, shows up to hang out with the group and to introduce her new boyfriend, Eric Anderson. Later, David lands in danger during a nature hike in the woods with the group, and Noah ends up saving him from injury.




Music: 'Ready to Go' by Republica.

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