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All That Jazz This is the 28th episode  of the Seventh Season of Beverly Hills, 90210


David takes Donna on a one-night trip to New Orleans in an attempt to sleep with her, which also delays Donna's presentation of her business project the very next day to her stern teacher, Professor Langley. In Beverly Hills, the relationship between Steve's mother and Clare's father becomes strained during a TV historical awards dinner, when Steve's self-obsessed mother once again lets success go to her head, which also strains the relationship between him and Clare. Meanwhile, Brandon attempts to nurse a flu-stricken Kelly and Valerie back to health, who re-live to each other how they became hard-core enemies two years ago which involved both of them pursuing Brandon. At the end, Valerie secretly meets with a certain Derrick Driscoll, who works for Kelly's father, to ask about a possible investment plan.  

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