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All That Glitters This is the 26th episode of the Eight Season of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Brandon works on a story with a pompous Pulitzer-Prize-winning reporter. Kelly gets a developmentally disabled young man a position at the clinic, where he freaks out after making a minor mistake. Kelly convinces Brandon to let Chris join the reporter and him on the ice at a Los Angeles Kings practice, but Raitt leaves town to work on another story. Brandon helps Chris get a dream job at a friend's ice skating rink. In order to pay his taxes, David takes a job as a jingle writer. A ballad he had written for Valerie ends up in a deodorant commercial. Steve realizes that he and Jill have nothing in common. She dumps him before he has the chance to break things off. Janet has a crush on Steve, but he doesn't seem to get it. Donna discovers that the diamond jewelry that Noah gave her is fake.




  • Lindsay Price as Janet Sosna
  • Nicole Forester as Jill Reiter
  • Jesse Dabson as Peter Raitt
  • Dex Elliott Sanders as Kyle Scott
  • Carl Strano  as Frank Foskarino
  • Shanna Reed  as Patricia Myers
  • Rosie Malek-Yonan  as Barbara
  • John Wheeler as Greg Redborn 

Music: 'What God Said' by The Uninvited.

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