The episode began with the tenants of the building watching an old film of Jane Mancini being born back in 1969.

Later, after Michael was unable to attend the ultrasound with Jane, she learned that the baby had miscarried. What followed was days of Michael being withdrawn and unable to cope with losing their baby. He became cranky and abrasive, messing up at the hospital, as well as saying hurtful comments to Kimberly Shaw at work.

After Sandy got them a dog from the pound, Jane became attached to it. After the dog got lost while on the beach, Michael exploded and his real feelings of blaming Jane for the miscarriage came to the surface.

Meanwhile, Billy and Alison fought over privacy issues when Alison caught Billy wearing her bra while doing laundry. Alison also believed he had an obsession with breasts and was annoyed by his childishness.

Once Michael got his frustrations out in the open, he apologized to Kimberly, who made her attraction obvious to Michael afterwards. However, he went back to the beach and helped Jane find the dog.


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