Season 2 of 90210 aired on the CW television network.


The second season focuses on the West Beverly Hills High group as they begin their junior year and go through dramatic changes and surprises that will change their lives. Annie Wilson must deal with the consequences of the hit and run when she finds out the man's nephew goes to West Bev. Meanwhile, Naomi's sister, Jen Clark continues to manipulate and use her for whatever she can; Dixon finds a new girlfriend; Silver and Kelly Taylor must come to terms with devastating news; Adrianna begins a journey of independent and personal growth.


The season picks up at the end of summer after the events of last season's dramatic prom party. Rob Estes, Shenae Grimes, Tristan Wilds, AnnaLynne McCord, Ryan Eggold, Jessica Stroup, Michael Steger, Jessica Lowndes and Lori Loughlin all return as series regulars from season one, while Dustin Milligan was released from his contract for "creative reasons", shortly after Matt Lanter was upgraded to a regular cast member. New executive producer Rebecca Sinclair said she felt the show needed a "complete overhaul".

Sinclair hired new writing staff and had new sets built. She was also quoted as saying, "If Gossip Girl is about youth in New York, I want to [make 90210] about youth in L.A. and Beverly Hills." Sinclair also revealed that she wanted to rely less on cast members from the original Beverly Hills, 90210[1]. Jennie Garth and Ann Gillespie did return for a limited time, presumably to wrap up their storylines.


Rob Estes as Harry Wilson (20/22)
Shenae Grimes as Annie Wilson (22/22)
Tristan Wilds as Dixon Wilson (22/22)
AnnaLynne McCord as Naomi Clark (22/22)
Ryan Eggold as Ryan Matthews (16/22)
Jessica Stroup as Erin Silver (22/22)
Michael Steger as Navid Shirazi (19/22)
Lori Loughlin as Debbie Wilson (21/22)
Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna Tate-Duncan (22/22)
Matt Lanter as Liam Court (22/22)

Special Guest Stars

Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor (5/22)
Ann Gillespie as Jackie Taylor (4/22)
Ryan O'Neal as Spence Montgomery (3/22)

Recurring cast

Trevor Donovan as Teddy Montgomery (21/22)
Zachary Ray Sherman as Jasper Herman (17/22)
Gillian Zinser as Ivy Sullivan (14/22)
Sara Foster as Jen Clark (11/22)
Rumer Willis as Gia Mannetti (10/22)
Blake Hood as Mark Driscoll (8/22)
Amber Wallace as Lila (7/22)
Mekia Cox as Sasha (6/22)
Kelly Lynch as Laurel Cooper (6/22)

Guest starring

Hal Ozsan as Miles Cannon (5/22)
Sarah Danielle Madison as Colleen Sarkossian (5/22)
John Schneider as Jeffrey Sarkossian (5/22)
Travis Van Winkle as Jamie (4/22)
Diego Boneta as Javier Luna (3/22)
April Parker-Jones as Dana Bowen (3/22)
Julianna Guill as Savanna Montgomery (2/22)
Scott Patterson as Finn Court (3/22)
Jonathon Trent as Richard Carte (3/22)
Greg Vaughan as Kai (3/22)
Mandy Musgrave as Alexa (3/22)
Shane Lynch as Liv (3/22)
Alex McKenna as Cat (3/22)
Emmanuelle Yang as Hannah (3/22)
Maeve Quinlan as Constance Tate-Duncan (2/22)
Shaun Duke as Omar Shirazi (1/22)
Fabiana Udenio as Atoosa Shirazi (1/22)
Osa Wallander as Sarah Herman (1/22)
Salvator Xuereb as Matey Herman (1/22)
Claire Byrne as Mrs. Cannon (1/22)
Diana Gettingeras as Ramona (2/22)
William Abadie as Olivier Le Sage (1/22)
Samantha Ronson as Herself (1/22)
Elisabeth Rohm as Bitsy Epstein (1/22)
Steven Brand as Jason Epstein (1/22)


# Image Title Viewers Airdate
01 201car To New Beginnings! 2.56 September 8, 2009

During the summer school reunited former frenemies Naomi and Silver to bestie status. Along with a now baby-free Adrianna, the trio of friends seem destined to rule the halls of WBH. But where is Annie? Seems she's been relegated to loser status, after narcing out last year's after prom festivities. But that's the least of her problems. Meanwhile, Dixon and Silver are tentatively re-exploring their romance but a secret text message from an old love interest might just mean the end of their relationship.

02 202girls To Sext or Not to Sext 2.42 September 15, 2009
Naomi does her best to make Annie's life the worst it could be by sending a nude photo of her to everyone which causes more distance between her and Dixon, and their parents. Also Silver decidest to try to win Dixon back. Meanwhile, Ryan starts to wonder if his relationship with Jen is the right thing for him. Liam tries to apologize to Naomi for being unfaithful. Jen gets Liam into trouble by telling his mother and stepfather a fabricated story about him stalking Naomi in order to keep him way from her. Liam then joins the school surf team with Dixon to take out his frustration of the problems he's facing. while the crafty Jen convinces Naomi to do what she can to get back at Annie.
03 203dasha Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat 2.17 September 22, 2009
Teddy invites most of the gang on his father's yacht for a day cruise . Annie does her best to prove it was Naomi who sent out the naked photo of her to the entire school. Harry confide in Kelly about the family's problems. Meanwhile Dixon meets a new girl in a bar, a local DJ named Sasha, but he lies about his age to get to know her, which makes Silver jealous. Navid begins to doubt about where his relationship with Adrianna is heading. Adrianna begins to show more appreciation to Teddy. Liam confines himself to his garage where be begins working on a project.
04 204clarksliam The Porn King 2.46 September 29, 2009
Dixon and Sasha continue their whirlwind romance by driving to Napa for the weekend, Annie's confident attitude quickly disappears when she realizes that Jasper, the nephew of the man she hit on prom night, is a student at West Beverly. Navid continues to run the Blaze News and assigns Silver and Gia to interview Jasper for a news piece about his uncle. Things get steamy when Adrianna confides in Teddy, resulting in Adrianna and Navid finally spending the night together. Liam finally finds a way to get revenge on Jen and reveals the truth to Naomi about their night together at prom.
05 205taylors Environmental Hazards 2.09 October 6, 2009
Naomi learns that her test scores may not be high enough for her to be accepted into CU. Devastated, Naomi devises a plan to be tutored by Richard, the son of the school's dean of admissions. Dixon's girlfriend, Sasha, becomes suspicious about his age and does a little detective work to learn the truth,Navid and Adrianna double date with Teddy, but Adrianna's growing feelings towards Teddy make for an awkward situation. Silver accompanies Adrianna to an AA meeting and surprisingly bumps into her mom, Jackie, .An angry Silver rejects her mother, but her world is turned upside down when Adrianna reveals shocking news about Jackie
06 206jannie Wild Alaskan Salmon 2.38 October 13, 2009

Kelly and Silver are shocked to lear that their mother Jackie is dying from cancer. Navid is devastated when Adrianna tells him that she needs some time alone but immediately turn to Teddy. Jen continues to lie to Naomi and convinces her to lend her larg amount of money. Jasper and Annie grow cstronger after Jasper rescues her from a bad date. Harry and Ryan go to a bar for some guy time, where Harry atteps to be Ryan´s wing man.

07 90210-halloween-81 Unmasked 2.25 October 20, 2009

Kelly and Silver sisterly bond continues to be strained by differing opinions about how to the deal with Jackie´s health situation. Dixon decides to end things with Sasha but is instead a surprised with shocking news. Meanwhile, Debbie and harry face a bump in the road when she walks in on him and Kelly having a intimate moment, and Annies feels pressured when Jasper tries her to commit a crime while shotting a scene for his student film.

08 208trio Women's Intuition 1.92 November 3, 2009
Navid and Gia launch an investigation into student drug use at West Beverly for Blaze News, which leads them to Annie's boyfriend, Jasper, leaving Annie torn over who to believe. Fresh off his break-up with Adrianna, Navid receives dating advice from Samantha Ronson while out with Liam, Teddy and Ivy at the Edison. Worried that Adrianna will relapse, Naomi and Silver enlist Navid's assistance. Dixon reveals his situation with Sasha to Debbie and Harry, prompting Debbie to do some investigating. Jen and Ryan meet up with Pharrell to watch a performance of N.E.R.D
09 90210-show265 A Trip to the Moon 2.06 November 10, 2009
With the help of Teddy , Jackie surprises Silver with a half-birthday celebration that takes her back to her childhood birthday parties. Navid witnesses Adrianna buying drugs from Jasper, forcing Navid to confront him about being a drug dealer. Dixon is determined to confront Sasha about her miscarriage, forcing Debbie and Harry to reveal that Sasha lied about being pregnant. Annie and Jasper profess their love for each other and decide to take their relationship to the next level. After getting into a fight on the beach, Liam, with the help of Dixon, Teddy and Ivy, devises a plan seek revenge on Jen.
10 260px To Thine Own Self Be True 2.10 November 17, 2009
Kelly continues to support Silver as she deals with Jackie's declining health. Navid confronts Adrianna about her drug use. Harry and Debbie are surprised when Annie informs them she would like to invite Jasper over for dinner. Dixon, still upset with Debbie over her handling of the Sasha situation, declines to join them. Dixon, Ivy and Navid devise a plan for Liam to tell Naomi the truth about Jen. Ryan and Jen's relationship is taken to an entirely new level when he convinces her to go on a weekend camping trip. Naomi and Jamie's make out session is interrupted by Richard and his mom, forcing Naomi to come clean about her plans to get accepted into CU.
11 56430 And Away They Go! 2.15 December 1, 2009

Navid has no reconllection of who pushed him down the stairs and Adrianna visits him in hospital. Silver and Teddy grow closer. Liam, Dixon and Ivy come up with a plan to show Naomi the trith about her sister.

12 212livy Winter Wonderland 1.91 December 8, 2009

Annie questions Jasper about his drug dealing; he reveals his suspicions about the hit and run. Meanwhile, Navid and Adrianna team up to prove Jasper pushed him down the stairs. Teddy tells Silver how he feels and it makes Dixon jealous.

13 Jessica lowndes rumer willis 90210 2 Rats and Heroes 1.70 March 9, 2010

Naomi returns from vacation in St.Narts ready to spend time with Liam, wich leads to a hot encuenter in his newly built boat. Adrianna and Gia grow closer when they attend an AA metting. Navid and Dixon put together a plat to keep out Jasper out of Annie´s life, but they are surprised with the resut of a school drug search. Dixon attemps to reestablish his relationship with Silver, but Silver is hiding her true feelings for Teddy. Harru and Debbie run into Kelly at a school function and Debbie decides to confront Kelly.

14 260px Girl Fight! 1.86 March 16, 2010

Dixon finally admits his plan to keep Silver and Teddy apart. Naomi and Ivy get inot a brawl over Liam. Dixon´s biological mother shows up at his doostep. Annie considers confessing the killing Jasper´s uncle.

15 260px What's Past Is Prologue 1.51 March 23, 2010

Dixon gets to know his mother. Adrianna joins a band that a girl Navid is dating is a part of. Gia confess that she has a crush on Adrianna and Silver loses Teddy´s trust when she tells him she spired on him.

16 260px Clark Raving Mad 1.48 March 30, 2010

Naomi makes up a rumour about Mr. Canon sexually harassing her. Meanwhile, Adrianna confides in Naomi and Silver her feelings for Gia. Teddy decides to test Silver´s cmmiment to him bu attempting to make her jealous bu flirting with random girls. Dixon and Dana continue to bond. Liam catches his stepfather with another women at the end Jasper tries to commit suicide after Annie keep rejecting him.

17 250px Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees 1.34 April 6, 2010
Annie comes to terms with Jasper's apparent suicide. Silver and Teddy go on a double date with Naomi and Liam. Feeling rejected, Dixon and Ivy agree to fake date. Adrianna and her band perform for the first time at the Beach Club, and Adrianna takes her relationship with Gia public. Naomi continues to lie about Mr. Cannon after Liam pushes her to move forward with the sexual harassment case.
18 90210-302 Another, Another Chance 1.45 April 13, 2010
Naomi's lie about Mr. Cannon spreads across the school. When she testifies in front of the school board, Naomi reveals some unexpected information. Annie finally moves on from her relationship with Jasper but feels haunted when she and Sliver drive by the scene of her hit-and-run. Dixon and Ivy continue their fake-dating, and they make an unexpected decision. Adrianna and Navid share a friendly conversation which causes trouble with their significant others. After Gia and Adrianni argue, Adrianna walks in on Gia and her ex-girlfriend. Liam's father, just released from prison, surprises Liam with a visit. Ryan continues to date Ivy's mother, despite Ivy's warnings.
19 Multiple Choices Multiple Choices 1.54 April 27, 2010

Naomi is required to complete community service. while the gang prepares fot the SATs, Silver confronts Teddy about his decision to skip college, Liam and his father. Finn. reconnet and attemp to rebuild their relationship.Dixon host a underground gambling party that results in Dixon ownig over $6.000 to Mark Driscoll.Debbire reveals to Harry she kissed another man. Annie overhears their conversation and turn to Liam for support and Jen boys the Beverlly Hills Beach Club.

20 Meet the Parent3 Meet the Parent 1.43 May 4, 2010

Naomi and Jen return to wreaking havoc in each others lives. Just when Naomi thinks she has the upper hand Jen sends her back to reality. Teddy invites Silver to a second meeting with his father, Spence, and the metting doesn´t go as expected. When Adrianna has trouble writting a new song for Laurel she seeks Navid´s help, causing Navid to realize he still have feelings for her. Adrianna records a duet with a singer Named Javier Luna and quickly find herslef drawm to his charm. Annie confronts her parents about their recent material problems, leading to a discussion about the family´s future.

21 Javianna1 Javianna 1.45 May 11, 2010
Adrianna's new romance with pop star Javier continues to blossom, while Navid continues to work up enough courage to tell her how he feels. Jen takes control of Naomi's finances and puts her on a tight budget. Without her credit cards, Naomi is too distracted to realize that Liam is in need of emotional support to deal with the departure of his father, so he turns to Annie for comfort. Despite Spence's suggestion, Teddy refuses to end his relationship with Silver, and the two decide to spend the night together. Meanwhile, Ivy invites Dixon to spend the summer in Australia with her and Laurel, but the idea doesn't go over well with his parents. Harry and Debbie's marital problems escalate when she finds out that Harry has been hiding Dixon's troubles and gambling habit from her. Also, Jasper returns to resolve things with Annie over their ended relationship.
22 222harbour Confessions 1.60 May 18, 2010
After ending things with Naomi, Liam invites Annie to sail with him on his boat. After seeing Liam's bravery in confessing about his thieft from his stepfather's coin collection, Annie finds the courage to confess to her parents about her hit-and-run accident. Jasper gets jealous over Liam and Annie's new closeness and sets fire to Liam's boat. Meanwhile, Silver confesses to Teddy about Spence bribing her to break up with him. Adrianna's torn on her decision to leave school to go tour with Javier as she and Navid get back together. Dixon and Ivy go through a rough patch after he tells her about kissing Silver. Naomi learns that Jen is five months pregnant and that Ryan is the father after Naomi steals a copy of a paternity test which she sends to him. When Harry is threatend by Mark over covering up for his and Dixon's break in at the school, Harry decides to come clean to the school board and it results in him getting fired from his job. Dixon escapes to Australia during Harry and Debbie's confrontation. At the end, Mr. rapes Naomi.

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