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80s Night This is the sixth episode of the Tenth Season of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Joe Patch's parents visit Kelly and ask for her forgiveness. Matt tries to save a convicted rapist and murderer from the death penalty. Kelly is initially supportive, but changes her mind after hearing a description of the man's crimes. A meeting with the client's brother prompts Kelly to realize the anguish experienced by the families of criminals; she forgives Mr. and Mrs. Patch. She strongly objects when Matt appeals the judge's ruling against his client, and decides to stop seeing him for the time being. Donna wanders into the After Dark late at night and discovers the strip club. Gina recognizes David's father as one of the customers. She sneaks him out the back door when the police raid the club. Noah and Donna are among those arrested, as the cops mistake Donna for a prostitute. Dylan realizes that Gina was involved. She promises to stop lying to him, then immediately blackmails Mel. Dylan and Donna question David's on-air antics when he costs a listener his girlfriend. David eventually reunites the couple and decides to change his ways. Janet's college friends ask her to play bass in their band, which is performing at the After Dark's Halloween party. Although Steve stays home and organizes a haunted house for neighborhood kids, he eventually shows up at the club to support Janet




  • Matthew Laurance as Mel Silver
  • Brant Cotton as Walter Hawkins
  •  R. Keith Harris as Pete Hawkins
  •  Antonio Todd as Cab Driver |
  • Jodi Lea Webster as Amber
  • Sandy Wasko as Lap Dancer
  • Carla Betz as Pinky
  • Jean Bruce Scott as Mrs. Patch
  •  Larry McCormick as Reporter
  •  Eric Saiet as Rich Ajani
  • Jill Remez as Sydney Gates
  •  Billy Maddox as Mr. Patch
  •  David O'Donnell as Tony
  • Katelin Petersen as Princess


  • Robbie Nevil -- C'est la Vie
  •  Dazz Band -- Let It Whip
  •  a-ha -- Take on Me
  •  The Go-Go's -- We Got The Be

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